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@SynergyLayers upper body more so than legs because I wanna be able to do shit like this
@SynergyLayers My car is getting fixed so I haven’t really been able to go to the gym as much as I’d like since it’…
@BloodyElbow Rory?!?! Rory is still a world class fighter?? Chael would have no shot. Fedor is possible I guess I would watch that.
@m_chael I focus on compound movements and then do accessory work after
Chael Sonnen: I’ll Have To Whip Rory’s A** Sooner Or Later via @lowkick_mma
@m_chael eh idont know About-That
@cosmofghjkl Idk heard people on iOS7 are having problems now
@m_chael Bro Maybe It's Time To Update Ya Phone
@SynergyLayers My friend is a power lifter and body builder so he makes me do his workouts and if I cant get that w…
@m_chael can't stop thinking about ir
@rosaparks39 I could moonwalk so easy just think about it
@m_chael Depends how I feel tbh and my training now is way different then what it was I just started bulking a few weeks ago
@m_chael that would be awesome 😀
@SynergyLayers How often do you go
@techdeckturtle At least they are happy
@Poneify Want pizza
@Poneify You at school?
@m_chael people r Fat
@bowteleprompter The fuck did shaggy do to you
@bitchdonoteven Why what happened?
I wanna go to a really windy area and try and walk against it. Just seems cool for some reason
Why do people get so tired climbing up like 3 flights of stairs I don’t get it
"The only reason Wanderlei he won all those fights in Japan is because the referee wasn't wearing an ear piece"- Ch…