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@ochocinco Thanks chad glad you let us know every day 💯
@ochocinco Chad you know I love you every day that ends with Y!! Ok carry on with the rest of your night...
@ochocinco @jerryjeudy @KodakBlack1k started w chad, shines through w ODB, but damn we got a lot of youngins comin up w dem FAST FEET
@ochocinco @DirtyMikeUSA y'all should play each other since Chad claims he's the goat
@ochocinco I need some wise words when life's been beating you up Chad 😓
Well go to Waffle House chad
@ochocinco I need to practice my writing Chad, if you want another hobby just send me a message!!! Jaja.. but seriously I need to practice
@ColtonHoward21 @ochocinco yea Chad still scared to play me....🤐🤔
Sorry Chad, you gotta take the L on this one. McDonalds is 🚮🚮🚮
Chad man Mickey D's straight bullshit bro
@WillDavis50 @raylewis @ochocinco stick to tweeting Chad. You couldn't even hold Ray's socks.
@raylewis @ochocinco Careful Chad, Ray killed a man