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@ochocinco I call it the “2 minute drill”, get it chad?!
@ochocinco Pretty good, can’t complain. How’s your Sunday Chad?
@ochocinco Sorry Chad can’t talk right now ... Game of Thrones finale is about to start
@ochocinco Going great, how are you doing Chad
@ochocinco Chad my goodness I need to take her to Golden Corral
@ochocinco Chad support my premature baby please at it’s under Cameron Jordan
@ModernNotoriety @ochocinco @ochocinco You gonna hook me up with a pair Chad?
RT @WhatTheFFacts: Bill Gates & Chad Johnson have a McDonald's Gold Card for unlimited free fast food.
@ochocinco Surely you don’t last two minutes chad.
@ochocinco He did catch you off guard chad I love you
@cwbreaks Chad Ochocinco? Aka Chad Johnson
@ochocinco @BronzeBomber That man will knock your ass chad slap out why you playing around.
@ochocinco Chad! I've got a great idea for a Wide Receiver camp in Orlando. Let me know if your interest.
@ochocinco @BronzeBomber Chad can you take a peek at my pinned tweet, please.
I think Mike Vick an Chad OchoCinco are still in the Ville.
@ochocinco Chad... Steve Harvey isn’t a nice person.
@PeeBoThaPrince @ochocinco Chad's a showboat who was a mediocre football player.
@ochocinco I wonder if he’s going to refer you as Chad or Ocho🤔
@ochocinco #ihatehumans but ❤️ chad 👍🏽😊
@ochocinco Love you Chad 💝