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LHC: un esperimento può spiegare l’asimmetria dell’Universo
RT @egpbos: I just published “Travis caching and incremental builds” @travisci #caching @eScienceCenter #git #make #ninja @CERN
@what_stura_tud Danke für Euren Aufruf, ich geb ihn im Institut weiter und gedenke aus der Ferne vom CERN. Erinnert Ihr auch an #WeisseRose?
Cerner Corporation (NASDAQ:CERN) - Is Cerner Still A Growth Company?
@gavthebrexit Look at Cern for one example...
Los experimentos se llevan a cabo en los llamados "aceleradores de partículas", como el Gran Colisionador del CERN. #HablemosDeCiencia
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist CERN and the Pyramids, World Geometry
More Hints From CERN On Why The Universe Is Made Of Matter via @IFLScience:
RT @iPantix: Πηγαινει ελληναράς στο cern, βλέπει πυρηνικο φυσικό με 32 πτυχία να επιδιορθωνει τον επιταχυντή και ρωτάει -Τι έγινε ρε μάστορα;
Me too.......maybe they actually did something at CERN and did exactly what you said........Committee of 300 has be…
@aatishb @DoctorKarl LoL doesnt the numbers 115 125 and 140 make any sense ? CERN tells that your theory is blown , cannot exist like u say
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"Science and religion are separate disciplines, though not antithetical." - @CERN Director General @FabiolaGianotti #quote in @repubblicait
"Scienza e religione sono discipline separate, anche se non antitetiche" @CERN's @FabiolaGianotti in @repubblicait:
@alexarpe55 yo creía que no existía, pero el CERN tiene mucho poder...