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Then they were able to leave and I was able to work and get stuff done.
RT @LuxFinance: Nicolas Mackel, CEO of LFF, explains why Luxembourg is well positioned as financial hub post-Brexit
SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son 2/4|テラトピ @TERRAtopiさんから
【限定25名】若干17歳で年収1,000万突破!? 海外法人CEO募集...
RT @badasskwangie: ขำแบบเออ มักเน่ Rookie วงอื่นยังอยู่มัธยม อยู่เลย มักเน่ #HIGHLIGHT จบป.โทแล้วนะเว่ย แถมสมาชิกก็ไม่ธรรมดา พ่วงตำแหน่ง ceo ตั้งแต่เดบิวต์😂😂😂
@MMFlint Disney CEO is Trump adviser. Call actors, producers, technicians, audience for a boycott of Disney productions It will be efficient
RT @Inc: Microsoft’s CEO sent an extraordinary email to employees after they committed an epic fail @JustinJBariso
RT @translatorbali: Sydney President @jokowi met Australian business CEO from the pharmaceutical, mining, tourist and service industries
An Interview with Kulbhushan Kalia, Co-Founder and CEO of, the smartest #CRM @AvejanaSocial
RT @KPMG: Viewing #CyberSecurity only as an IT risk can be a major blind spot for executives
RT @MEDEF_I: #Singapore : meeting of the French business delegation @MEDEF_I led by @PierreGattaz with Mr #Beh, CEO of #EDB
Ceo život patimo od kompleksa posedovanja nečega, neke titule itd. I nesrećni smo ako to nemamo, pa prisvajamo i ono što nije naše. Tuga...
#Innovation: Meet AMaratchi Co founder & CEO at homuork and ESADEAlumni - … #Innovation
RT @KhairilAnuar: CEO NFDP, Encik Safirul cerita pasal struktur NFDP. memang mantap! 13 tahun lagi ada chance Malaysia main Piala Asi…
RT @mmuii_s: แนะนำศิลปินหน้าใหม่ ที่พวงตำแหน่ง CEO เจ้าของค่าย ฝากวงไฮไลท์ศลป.หน้าใหม่ปีนี้ด้วยนะคะ งานชิงรุกกี้คงมันส์น่าดู 555…
And no sugars and also no staying up 7 and thenlet me some how get and was supposed to watch for 14 weeks and after 7 I was already "9" year
RT @L_05KH: @L_05KH 당시 안랩에서 CEO와의 대화 전체를 주최하고 매번 참석해 메모한 커뮤니케이션 팀장이 그때 상황에 대해 정확히 알고 있는데 그 안랩 커뮤니팀장이 쓴 글입니다.->
RT @foot_ch: ミランCEO、本田の米国行きを否定。「今季末まで残ると一緒に決めた」 「誰がこういう噂を流しているのか知らないが、本田は今シーズン末まで出て行くことはない。中国グループも選手本人も含めて一緒に決めたことだ」…
An Interview with Kulbhushan Kalia, Co-Founder and CEO of, the smartest #CRM @AvejanaSocial
RT @Olweyyaa: يا جماعه لا اتلومونا بحبنا لاهل الامارات 😍🇰🇼🇦🇪
Microsoft CEO says artificial intelligence is the 'ultimate breakthrough'