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Kieron Richardson was in Celebrity Juice yesterday. I will upload it tomorrow. Sorry for delay. I just found out about it now.
@Team_Barrowman just catch up on celebrity juice I love how funny u r love ❤️ u even more now 😘
@Team_Barrowman amazing celebrity juice couldn't stop laughing
Watching Celebrity Juice and "71" still cracks me up
@Team_Barrowman loved you on celebrity juice. I couldn't stop laughing. When ever your on t.v. I have to watch
I voted in the NTAs… You can too! #NTA2016 https://t.co/as4U20Bprb
RT @Fearnecotton: Such a fun celebrity juice on the way tonight! Who knew John Barrowman was such a filth bucket! Love you even more John! 💋👌🏼 @itv2
@ollyofficial since your in a following mood anychance of a follow back loved you in Celebrity Juice last week 👍
Did you hear N-Trance Set You Free on the credits of Celebrity Juice last night?
RT @digitalspy: John Barrowman properly snogged Gino D'Acampo on Celebrity Juice. Re-live the magic moment: https://t.co/T84hoCkglE https://t.co/rSXKWR1fxl
I've just watched episode S16E07 of Celebrity Juice! #celebrityjuice https://t.co/okqemqdFsx