@piersmorgan is like Trump - a spoilt 👶 If someone doesn't agree with him the dummy is spat out! Just ignore the ce… https://t.co/Q7vv2OqFsa
@GrouchyMouth @CBCNews A comedy writer is not really considered a "celebrity".
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RT @PureJaDine: "Multimedia triple-threat celebrity" And yet, @hellobangsie is still our humble, family oriented baby girl. 😭 #ScoutXNadine
RT @Kaygraciela: Sad that theses females love doing "interviews" to claim they slept with a celebrity just for some fame. Work hard & stop fucking for fame
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RT @94_degrees: People around them shouldnt be getting hate for hanging around with them or anything. Being a celebrity doesnt mean you loose your freedom
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RT @AmponNg: KOREAN: Excuse me. May I know who is that celebrity? ME: Daniel Padilla & Kathryn K: Really? M: Yes, do u know them? K: YES! WAAAAAAAAH!! 😱😱
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