Have spent the last two hours watching "where are they now" celebrity videos. I am a failure at life.
RT @Alyssa_Milano: Those that tell me not to tweet politics because I'm an uninformed celebrity are the same people that voted for... an uninformed celebrity.
#DWTS is one of my favorite shows ever. I watch every season. Even though I'm not a celebrity i still want to be on the show one day. 😀😂😀😂😂😂
Celebrity-inspired looks delivered to your door #fashion https://t.co/Uvcc6MXRh0
RT @gregpinelo: Karma: Celebrity Trophy Hunter Trampled to Death By Elephant He Was Trying to Hunt https://t.co/BaHd8FQ0o6
RT @haibon_jared: Vote @viallnicholas28 by calling 1-800-868-3409 .. He's definitely got the most potential of all the celebrity dancers #DWTS #BabyGotBach
RT @velvetpjm: who do i have to pay off to get namjoon and jackson together on celebrity bromance ILL DO ANYTHING, A N Y T H I N G https://t.co/WXySAM3FEm
RT @YahooCelebrity: See the first pic of #Supernatural star Jared Padalecki and wife Genevieve Cortese's new baby girl… https://t.co/FHMaAwsO4B
RT @classy: Some of our favorite celebrity-inspired fundraising campaigns via @LilJon @PatrickRothfuss @mariashriver @Zendaya >… https://t.co/cOFjUprIHm
RT @ladyteenintl: @ladyteenintl Xiyeon said being on radio for the first time really makes her feel like she's a celebrity now
RT @missjia: Table of white guys sitting across from me and one asked all of them to name their Black celebrity crush. Older guy said wendy williams
Heres the First Look at Hollywoods New Version of Tomb Raider Heroine Lara Croft https://t.co/g8rz1L5ymg https://t.co/xXQt8ZisfK
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