RT @rudresh_om: @akshaykumar You are not just a Celebrity but a great human being. Love you Akki. Inspiration for many <3
RT @seventeen: Here's What's Coming to/Leaving Netflix in February 2017 https://t.co/s51C07e8ZF https://t.co/54XSwO0xSt
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RT @DavidJo52951945: I am so fed up with the celebrity luvies preaching & talking down to people https://t.co/phD3LLAr2r
RT @miiAlmaa: when they interview @FifthHarmony @LaurenJauregui political opinions and other issues would be more interested instead of celebrity crushes
Illinois man in celebrity-hacking case faces sentencing - WGN-TV https://t.co/0r8ucA4Kmc
RT @MMAFighting: VIDEO: Chael Sonnen fired on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ for cheating https://t.co/mATqtZXHaZ https://t.co/5YDWg3rLtN
@FoxNews @chelseahandler @FLOTUS Handler is a lying liberal buffoon. Just another "celebrity" who has an ego problem.
RT @namjinified: remember when seokjin said his celebrity crush was namjoon..... https://t.co/rKoRm6oMgE
ホストクラブでツケで飲まれたお客様の、売掛けの立て替えサービスも行っております。 完全無料で立て替えサービスをご利用できますので、お客様が稼げなくて締め日までに入金が間に合わなく、ナンバーが下がってしまうので今すぐ何とかして欲しいなど、いつでもお気 ##出稼ぎ
Two Celebrity Women Play With Each Others Tits In Bed https://t.co/e9XNVIZMlW
@realDonaldTrump They did vote and you lost by 3 million votes. 3 million marched. You connect the dots. PS You're a celebrity.
Shia LaBeouf screams in the face of troll who turned up at anti-Trump protest https://t.co/NtIZyk7tqI https://t.co/w77ksTvCUC
RT @miiAlmaa: when they interview @FifthHarmony @LaurenJauregui political opinions and other issues would be more interested instead of celebrity crushes
I liked a @YouTube video from @MightyJingles https://t.co/BWfRvCY9MS World of Tanks - Celebrity Spotlight - Mister Cro
okay now i'm really sad i can't pull a celebrity i can't even pull someone at my standard
RT @BleacherReport: The Celebrity All-Star game is coming up. Let’s make it happen @BarackObama 🙏 https://t.co/84pJDIwAWC
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RT @AnaMardoll: If you're in this for the celebrity twitter fame, accolades, and plagiarizing WOC voices, I don't feel a strong feminism vibe from you.
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@CarnieWilson Just watched celebrity apprentice and was reminded that you are 1 of the most under-rated powerhouse divas! Solo album please?
RT @Alyssa_Milano: We did. You lost popular vote by 3 million. 3 million marched. Connect the dots. And by the way, you're a celebrity… https://t.co/4tB3ladWoc
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