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RT @KurtSchlichter: In the midst of all this celebration, take a moment to think how terrible and humiliated Hillary must feel right now and then laugh. #caring
RT @davidfrum: Today is a day filled with chatter about how the system works. It’s false. The system has failed. https://t.co/l4LdO7Fct7
RT @sirsa_youth: 5 Days To Bhandara Celebration 24जनवरी 2017 को हर प्रकार के कैम्प लगेंगे जी आगे से आगे बताए
RT @ksushma140: Only 6 Days To Bhandara Celebration of Shah Satnam ji who came on this earth to liberate countless cycle of rebirth… https://t.co/RruxjoTeOl
RT @portraitinflesh: "The system has failed" - @davidfrum once more says what we should all be thinking: https://t.co/f9GrJuKZLX
RT @CFDance1617: Boarding: Flight 02-10-17. Center for Dance takes you to a dance celebration around the world as we present, AXIS:… https://t.co/tvG6mEOOgw
RT @babitatyagi0: As it's the great Day for Spirituality lovers , people from various country come to join it !👇 6 Days To Bhandara C… https://t.co/dIPqWeVQd1
RT @MailSport: QUIZ: Can you guess these 20 footballers from a silhouette of their goal celebration? https://t.co/LIlmCcq8ct https://t.co/uI8rjisJw8
The scene on the street: Supporters, protesters come face to face https://t.co/zCwGK4ohbz
RT @InsanGeet77: Every year millions of people all around d world come & experience the divine bliss!6 Days To Bhandara Celebration https://t.co/3gxSDjCUcT
RT @simon_schama: .@davidfrum on why, this year, the celebration of a peaceful transition rings hollow: https://t.co/hCSvEKcUQx exactly right
RT @sy10rk4: 【譲渡】ディアラバ 5周年 sadistic celebration 譲)type.A D賞カナト2 色紙(幼少) type.C 缶バッジ(ホロ) 求)2200円+送料 ※纏めてのみ 21日リジェフェスにて手渡し可能です。 お気軽… https://t.co/JfwOtevnMi
RT @meet13geet: @insan_honey Duniya tohn sohna mere GuruPa @Gurmeetramrahim G💟 da deedar ae♥😍 This Is 4 uh..!!Must Watch!♥🙏 6 Day… https://t.co/kbnc8j16Xi
RT @ksushma140: Million of People from every nook & corner come to @derasachasauda to be a part of this benevolence day only 6 Days… https://t.co/yNQ28Xxvly
RT @nowthisnews: Join us today for our LIVE inauguration special, WE ARE HERE: a celebration of democracy & diversity feat. Alicia K… https://t.co/Ll7OKMnBWq
RT @KimShine11: @realDonaldTrump watching welcome celebration and once again feeling proud to be an American! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain! #12noontomorrow!
RT @BonnieGranny: No. Obama's leaving is DEFINITELY a national day of CELEBRATION‼️🍾🍻🍿🍰🎂🍸🍷🍭🍦🍧🍨🍪🍹But if u r a Libtard- u get this: 🍼🍼🍼🍼 https://t.co/MZ5iZF6eU8
Read the NYT review of Thursday's “Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration" https://t.co/lW9fUZcrtm https://t.co/FdiCv30JwL
RT @davidfrum: Today is a day filled with chatter about how the system works. It’s false. The system has failed. https://t.co/l4LdO7Fct7
RT @LeslieChivers: "Words are a celebration of democracy, diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. Words are your right."- Patrick Stewart @PENamerican @PENCanada
RT @ksushma140: Incarnation month of Param Pita ji celebrated as a humanitarian benevolence month by devotees wid HUMANITY!! 6 Days… https://t.co/sKEFnm4m7V