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RT @thewisdomplace: If you don't have a picture of where you're heading, its possible that God has not asked you to go there. #Stretch
RT @csnnorball: Eu sigo @ExplicandoTide e @TheTide e quero ganhar a blusa e o CD que eles estão sorteando #ExplicaTidePFV https://t.co/JVU2JzOFma
RT @thewisdomplace: What you see establishes your self-image, determines your self esteem, forms the basis of your self-worth, reflects your self respect.
RT @thewisdomplace: To stretch, you need to "Travel". To travel, is to change your slide. Go places that inspire. #Stretch
RT @thewisdomplace: The spiritual will you write for your children is stronger than your physical will. #Stretch
RT @thewisdomplace: Your seeing will either be a limitation of a liberation. Your receiving is a function of your seeing. #Stretch
RT @thewisdomplace: Pastor will continue The Dynamics of Stretch next Sunday. Service continues. Happening Now: Testimonies #Stretch
RT @thewisdomplace: Its time to give our finances #direction for the year #2017. Join us for #4DaysOfDirection @thewisdomplace 25th, 26th, 27th & 29th January
RT @thewisdomplace: Tonight. We will consider #direction for our finances in 2017. #4DaysOfDirection @thewisdomplace
RT @thewisdomplace: Financial #direction is important.God expects us to give the resources,he entrusted to us #direction #4DaysOfDirection @thewisdomplace
RT @thewisdomplace: Financial recklessness is not a characteristic of a wise man. It is dangerous to be financially reckless. #4DaysOfDirection @thewisdomplace
RT @thewisdomplace: No one is supposed to be in financial lack. #Direction is the cure for every form of financial lack. #4DaysOfDirection @thewisdomplace
RT @thewisdomplace: when your finances has #direction, recession becomes an advantage. #4DaysOfDirection @thewisdomplace
RT @thewisdomplace: How do i give #direction to my money? How do i instruct my money? #4DaysOfDirection @thewisdomplace
RT @thewisdomplace: 1. You give direction to your money by giving to God who owns the resources used in producing money. #4DaysOfDirection @thewisdomplace
RT @thewisdomplace: Speak over your tithe, vows, offerings that way you spiritually instruct your money to multiply for you. #4DaysOfDirection @thewisdomplace
RT @thewisdomplace: 2. Use thoroughly researched & credible investment vehicles. know that your investments are only vehicles #4DaysOfDirection @thewisdomplace
RT @bextklwus: no pacote de ser fã da ashley benson estava incluído se apaixonar pelas bffs brasileiras dela???? pq olha 😅😍 https://t.co/pklSBNfnCI
RT @thewisdomplace: Disembark from an investment once you get wind of its impending demise. Direction can also mean 'STOP'. #4DaysOfDirection @thewisdomplace
RT @thewisdomplace: 3. Plan and budget your expenditure. That is a major tool for #direction when it comes to finance #4DaysOfDirection @thewisdomplace
RT @thewisdomplace: But we trust God that this year will be your most productive year in the area of finances in JESUS NAME. #4DaysOfDirection @thewisdomplace
@bradleyhoops @Pg_Benson Here's hoping for a great return of that rivalry! Great piece Kirk.
RT @thewisdomplace: Impulsive spending makes one a financial scalar quantity; having magnitude but no #direction. #4DaysOfDirection @thewisdomplace
RT @Sweetnote: "Cactus Flowers" photography by Londie Benson. All Rights Reserved https://t.co/UaiFyFfxKt
RT @sam_adeyemi: 25. This season the heavens are open over you, you will see things you never saw before in the name of Jesus Christ. #PowerOfVision