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- I got like 10 46218 cds lmao I won't give anybody one 😂😂
Comando top Filme completo Dublado Guerra HD assista ja gilardo cds
@RealBisi my moms use to finesse so many CDs wish I didn't take advantage and tossed everything I had
Another one who will be getting her cds tossed out if this is true too OH WELL #CHRISETTEMICHELLE 👀
Unser Sohn hat die Klassik CDs gefunden und hört sie im Kinderzimmer und zum Einschlafen. Was ein bisschen Ö1...
RT @frulanis: Peguei meus cds e resolvi ouvir. Esquecer um pouco esse lixo q se transformou o Brasil com governantes opressores,…
@Cds_4evah Mein Gott. Tiene que ser complicado
Sintonizada a #ELPLAN de @NosotrasRadio @Maloriico Gracias por el Kit de Cds de Navidad ya lo recibi al igual CD d…
RT @LibardoIsaza: Nuevo video mis amores. Me ayudan con un rt? ❤️Corran a verlo! 50 COSAS SOBRE MI- @YouTube
RT @Movimiento2809: #ATENCION - Se suspendió el partido amistoso del sábado en el CDS frente a O'Higgins. Este es el comunicado
I've never liked CDs or DVDs. Good riddance to trash "tech". "Netflix is ‘Killing’ DVD Sales, Research Finds"
I have a computer, a room packed and crammed with movies/dvds/cds/ and books, a comfy bed, beautiful birds chirping…
Mozart Has Sold More CDs in 2016 Than Beyoncé by #classicepics via @c0nvey
RT @LibardoIsaza: Hola, solo quiero recordarte que te quiero. Chao! 😳🙊
RT @julietactually: breaking up these days is nice because there are no cds to go pick up. you just text hey, delete my nudes, you piece of shit
RT @Nic_Ren: @UkDogSchool We often look for new body-awareness ideas to keep testing boundaries inspired by CDS. Today Luna's co…
I liked a @YouTube video from @jimathers CDs (HD) : Foamy The Squirrel
Can't you see that he's fake the rap version of TD Jakes, prophesizing on ur cds and tapes
@rmartinelli @CaDemocratico Y lo único que veo que los CDs comentan, es que se investigue desde el gobierno de Martin Torrijos...
o spotify tirou os dois melhores cds do sepultura COMO PODE ISSOO
설령 윤승호가 직접 한수영에게 유포사실을 알려줬다고 해도..자살은 쉽게하는게 아냐! 반드시 징후가 있다구! 자살을 하기까지 마음을 정리할 시간도 필요해! 3~4일은 너무 짧아!! #자동