RT @Kishida_Qrl: くるり『Tokyo OP(東京オリンピ●ク)』のMV完成。変拍子ハード・プログレと、素敵なアニメーションのマリアージュたるや。我ながらくるりヤバイっすわ。
RT @LadyHarknessXXX: Just getting him ready for action 😙😙👌🏼👯👯👯. Love wearing cockrings all day under normal clothes 🤗 just i get so turn…
@mrmichaelball Happy Valentine's to the Lancashire Girls.xxxx
Been well warm today, mays well get to beer gardens nar. Summer here we come xxxx
@LSLofficial happy anniversary lisa xxxx 💕💕💕
@g_freak_ 自分もやっぱり黒夢ですかね。あと、ミスチルと福山雅治にもありますよね。
I’ve never felt so unwanted ever in my life, thanks hun xxxx
don’t mind me bein fully blinded by the sun xxxx
@xxxx_secret__ ん……甘くて美味しかったです……お姉さんの手作り……おいしそうですね(言いながら、つつく指輪はむ、と軽く唇で挟み)
@3x5x7cm ㅠㅜ 아 증말 지예 일단 문자는 넣어놨을 걸요 근데 문자 내용이 [ 삼촌. 나 판 지예. 010-xxxx-xxxx. ] ← 이거 ( ㅋㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ )
RT @KayBurley: You sensational, wonderful people have already more than doubled the donations on Sarah’s just giving page. I pr…
@JennyStowDow Oh Jen ♥️ I don’t think any of us know or are really meant to know where we are heading with the PhD…
@YewdaleWardCPFT Is our invite in the post? Xxxx
덕스타 인친하실분.. ... ... 일상계도 상관은Xxxx
@xxxx_0209_ いや、きよに会わないとか私がやってけない
don't you get wrong ideas richard love you xxxx