Tweets about a recent trend: Caution

#JHBTraffic Stationary vehicle: N12 eastbound at Gilloolys I/C, left lane blocked. Please approach with caution.
#CPTTraffic Roadworks: N2 outbound on Hospital Bend, left lane closed. Please approach with caution.
are u a woman I've unfollowed in the last year? it's cuz I'm uncertain if I've made you uncomfortable & am erring on the side of caution AMA
RT @TrafficwatchNI: Temps forecast to fall close to freezing in some areas. Some patchy fog may form in low lying areas. Exercise caution this morning.
RT @NWSMissoula: Speaking of fog...Looks pretty thick on I-90 over Lookout Pass. Use caution if traveling tonight through the mornin…
*fap fap fap fap*........Caution: Slippery conditions <-Lust Caution - 2007 Chinese Film - Sex Scene #boob #bokep #ngentot #xxx
EU lawmakers caution that CETA failure hurts bloc's future via @PrivacyPros
Another word of caution for the Democrats: Howand why the people in Ohio are voting for those who hurt them.
RT @globeandmail: Leslie Beck: There is reason to be cautious about calcium supplements From @Globe_Health
Should investors treat treasuries and gilts with caution? Listen to what John Stopford has to say on @BloombergTV
RT @WSJ: Leaked Emails Suggest Caution Is Key in Clinton Messaging 🔓
Ahhh Nicki💕💕💕💕💕💕
lalagyan ko ng caution yung pintuan namin eh.
A little caution outflanks a large cavalry. ― Bismarck
i saw some tweets complaining about people retweeting animal abuse and now im scrolling down the tl with extreme caution
La sous-caution peut invoquer la disproportion de son engagement ...
RT @netstartraffic: #CPTTraffic Multi-vehicle accident: N2 outbound at Macassar Rd, right shoulder blocked. Please approach with cautio…
RT @themaytrix23: All I can I say is I treat VW drivers same way I treat taxi drivers. The utmost caution
RT @Carrera_911_4s: 진심 이것만 잘지켜도 병크1/4로 줄겠다
Caution locative : qui peut se porter garant ? #immobilier
RT @ing_kun_fg: @ing_kun_fg yusuke oono 작가의 360°Book 시리즈중 <Snow White> 대 존 예 . . . 일본와서 산것중에 제일 마음에 든다고...ㅜ
RT @inselein: 어떤 여자가 빨간 립스틱 바르는걸 즐겨하자 남자친구가 "나는 그 색깔이 싫어!" 라고 말했고 여자는 "그래? 그럼 내가 빨간 립스틱 바르고 싶은 날은 널 안만날게" 라고 했다는 일화를 보고.. 아 저렇게 살아야 하는거야!! 깨달았다. 바로 그것이다
*has existential crisis because of The Walking Dead*