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Oi, my cat doesn't leave the house a much as he used to. My Mum asked the vet why, and they said he might be being bullied by other cats
@cats_eye5 あれ?こちゃーん清楚系だと思ってたよ?🤔🤔🤔 はるちゃんね!めっちゃ分かる!GUのCMに出てきそうもそんな感じのことだよ!
RT @DrDogs247: WOOF Unlike other big Cheetah doesnt roar–it makes high pitched yelps, barks &chirruping sounds &like yer kitty, it DOES purr!
RT @claudeone: DYK there are 22 channels playing kitty videos on many treats and topics fur you and kitty…
HAhaha the look on that first cats face like where did it go.
RT @bluewolfanimate: Warrior Cats but Dogs: the leaders of the four packs. Bluestar, Tallstar, Crookedstar, Blackstar
RT @ltsAnimals: they've got their thinking cats on
RT @MariaMellaEyre: Nice picture cats in the snow 🐱❄️😺
RT @avoqueerdo: I've ever related to cats more in my life
RT @AdorableWords: i am not a princess. i am the princess.
RT @rikkisrefuge: Ohhh yikes !!! We are out of dry cat food .... we go thru it as quickly as we get it with so many cats!!! We can...
RT @spectatorindex: Mohammed Aljaleel of Aleppo has been maintaining a cat sanctuary during the war. Over a hundred cats without homes…
RT @Hock_UVM: Spectacular February day at Virtue Field for @UVMwlax home opener. Cats lead Marist 4-1 early 2nd quarter.
RT @childsaveworld: Support the A.D.O.P.T. Pet Shelter, a private, "no-kill", shelter for dogs and cats!…
RT @purringtonpost: If You Love Cats, This May be Why => via Psychology Today #catlove
@lucahjin Yeah, cats establishing hierarchy may look ugly, but they won't really hurt each other. Maybe some chewed ears.
"Velida I've been watching people put clothes on cats all week" #shitanidasays