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RT @ichigo__yume: 드디어 내일이면 가을이가 수술을 받네요. 이런저런 생각들로 걱정도 많지만 무사히 받고 올 수 있도록 곁에서 잘 지켜보겠습니다. 응원해주신 분들 다시 한 번 감사드려요 🙏🏻
RT @dalbodeure_sub: 탄핵기념이벵🎉 좋은날 좋은마음으로 이벵열고갑니다 ❤RT❤만 하고가세요! 타장르 타팬 상관XX 우편으로 맛별로 골고루 넣어드려요 당발은 어느날 섭시🍀
Master P: make em say uuughh Me: UUUUUUGGGHHHH
RT @laboxalaroxa: There can be no better explanation for catdog other than it was based on an idea resulting from an unfortunate dildo malfunction.
【獣医師が解説「ペットの豆知識」】獣医師が解説「猫を飼うときの注意点〜お水編〜」:猫ちゃんの健康にとっても重要!水分補給とその環境づくりについて #健康 #水
RT @kuroneko0324a1: 🆘飼い主さん募集🆘 #北海道 #名寄保健所収容 掲載期限3月10日(金)まで❗❗飼い主の事情により収容😢トイプードル(♂)。去勢済み。とても人懐っこいそうです。どうか温かい家庭に迎えて頂けませんか?☎0165-43-3121…
or a cat wedding ... or even a catdog wedding
@RofaKINGzeLL it's like that one episode of catdog
I often wonder why so many people thought catdog was a good show.
根強い愛好者も!飼い主に忠実で人懐こい犬「パピヨン」その飼い方・しつけは? #健康 #しつけ #飼い方 #パピヨン
After gaining like fucking 30 pounds last year I'm really working on getting rid of it for good. It's a lifestyle c…
RT @shipponokai: 【名寄保健所:01654-3-3121】飼い主に放棄された10歳のプードル系の去勢オスと15歳の白黒猫避妊メスが飼い主を募集しています。収容期限は3月10日(金)です。お迎え入れのご検討、情報拡散のご協力お願いします。…
Fist day of spring break and I wake up at 8:20😑
Rich niggas ain't dumb dumb niggas ain't rich
Anyone remember Catdog? I feel like Catdog would fit in well in todays society.