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RT @Pray4Pal: How would you feel if it happened in your country?! #Gaza #Palestine
RT @Ji_BB181908: Daesung singing 😭😭😭 Cr sdg_bong82
RT @realllllmin0330: This is digusting to an extent i cant keep mouth shut anymore! On it's dangerous beyond the blanket wikipedia, ther…
RT @SeonBB18: Daesung sang everyone in the army today
RT @xB_Bang: Aww Daesung sings infront of his camp mates. He’s like having his mini concert in camp 😂🤣😍😍❤️ Via bigbang_babydae
@amoyseop Whattttt noooo haahaha
Je crois ça existe pas un fandom aussi cassé que les cassies
im glad majority of chinese cassies are ot5 stans, i think im going to enjoy watching in hk 😂
RT @you_like_TOP: Dara x Donghae = 👍 ELF Dara x Jaejoong = 👍 CASSIES Dara x P.O = 👍 BBCs Meanwhile Dara x GD photo = ❌👎fxs$!%? VIPs…
@CassieBR_OT5 obrigado por seguir, to te seguindo de volta, cassies sempre bem vindas 😍😍😍
RT @iffahs_: Ni pon masuk berita ke... sampah betul tv9 skrg
RT @aIwayseungri: *mentions yg* *vips jeer and groan* “you guys really hate our boss. you guys really bad” 😭😭😭
RT @namja_mingyu: in the remembrance of old kpop groups i wanna know how many old kpop fans are still here RT if you know one of thes…
@zspectr3 Hä klar kenne ich dich 😁
you can oppose what those people are doing, it is obviously your prerogative, but why are you rting Changmin akgaes…
@safi_cassies Sony a5100 sesuai sgt utk vlog. Senang utk selfie jugak 😉
@G1_theJiwon Aah nak buat vlog cantik jugak kan hehehe tp tulah mahal sikit laaa
@safi_cassies G7xmii tu digital camera terus. Lg senang.
@G1_theJiwon Aahh looking good laa, mirrorless digital jugak kan. Canon g7xmii tu pon lawa beb