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RT @mambohoo: @martabp549 nuestra Tattoo Girl perfecta💎👉🏻 @tattooblade @pauluk2003 #ChicasMadeInSpain 🇪🇸…
0 orgulho é inimigo do amor. Na verdade, quem ama perde o orgulho e dedica-se exclusivamente a amar quem o ama. (Ana Carolina)
No aprendes mas Carolina no aprendes mas
Check out Carolina Skiff's Brand Legacy & get ready to pursue your passions!
Adicionei um vídeo a uma playlist @YouTube PARA ANNA CAROLINA
Chris Lanier> Dive instructor & salvage expert loves his Carolina Skiff!
RT @FixYouEs: Quien insiste en quedarse es quien de verdad merece la pena.
RT @RecklessRonald: If I say I'm from Carolina or ready to go to Carolina DONT YOU EVER THINK I MEANT SOUTH CAROLINA. THERE IS ONLY ONE CAROLINA AND IT'S NORTH
RT @TGowdySC: May our nation be reminded of what South Carolina learned 18 months ago - what binds us together far exceeds whatever may separate us.
Tomi Lahren really going to ECU tho, not surprised but the whole east Carolina region looking bad
RT @DavidAGRap: Primavera, minha querida, você está confusa. O suposto era trazer um sol, umas flores, borboletas, alergias... Não era essa chuva descabida.
RT @wolfgangfaustX: @JackPosobiec “Barrys’ Kids” rape 500 of our kids-in one state, in one month
RT @NCAAResearch: States w/ highest % of HS boys basketball players recruited by a DI school: 1. Maryland 2. North Carolina 3. Georgi…
RT @COLLEGEBADDlES: University of North Carolina Wilmington 📍
RT @NCAAResearch: States w/ highest % of HS girls basketball players recruited by a DI school: 1. Maryland 2. Tennessee 3. Georgia 4.…
#EPA I filed complaints about - Methane in California; Ammonium Salts in protected wetlands of South Carolina; pesticides in NYC schools
RT @simpleplan: Charlotte, North Carolina, you were epic tonight! Such a rad show! Thanks for getting rowdy with…
RT @jownlock: a diferença entre o churrasco do temer e o churrasco do lula fala mais que mil palavras
A 4 (regional) seed has won the national championship, and so has a 3 (regional) seed. So has Coastal Carolina. I'm…
Breathe Carolina is the GOAT.
EP_Mundo: ► Escrito con mucha rabia ; Por Carolina Jaimes Branger ——