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Il vice questore aggiunto, Carmelo Alba, è il nuovo vice dirigente della squadra mobile di Messina
RT @carmeloanthony: Forever proud to wear these colors. #NBAVote Carmelo Anthony
The #Knicks and Carmelo Anthony are headed for a messy breakup
RT @billehhh: Carmelo the goat Anthony #nbavote
@Vorterix cruzar a Carmelo con bolosos es una pavada ! SI no sabes como, pregunta en villa la ñata que hay varios que tienen lancha y saben
RT @ClippersViews: #ClippersNation #Clippers #LAC Locked on Clippers, January 16th, 2017: OKC Preview and Carmelo Anthony Trade R..
RT @CavsFRA: Carmelo Anthony ne serait intéressé à être échanger que aux Clippers ou aux Cavs.... Je vois pas ce qu'on peut donner pour lui
RT @NYDNSports: .@carmeloanthony lets loose after story from @PhilJackson11 confidante suggests his @nyknicks days are over…
#ClevelandCavaliers #ALLinCLE #AllforOne Cleveland Cavaliers: Is Carmelo Anthony a Serious Target?
RT @TheNBACentral: Carmelo Anthony reportedly would only accept being traded to the Clippers or Cavaliers to play with CP3 or LeBron.
RT @nbasemlimites: Leste 🏀 #NBAVote Kyrie Irving #NBAVote Dwyane Wade #NBAVote LeBron James #NBAVote Carmelo Anthony #NBAVote Brook Lopez
RT @IanBegley: Carmelo says he hasn't thought about waiving his no-trade clause after Phil confidant suggests NY should deal him:
RT @FisolaNYDN: If Phil Jackson's goal is to upset Carmelo it's working.
RT @ClippersFR: RUMEUR : selon une source proche de Carmelo Anthony, en cas de transfert, ce dernier ne serait intéressé que par Cl…
RT @wefest2016: Este Sábado Volvemos a Carmelo x la revancha!!! 💪💪 Y vos vas a ser parte de una Gran Fiesta! 🎉🚀🚀💣💣🚀🚀 QUERES SER N…
Re: Trading Melo, here's a piece I wrote LAST year that's still valid. (Ignore random date.)
RT @SportsSpotNet: Carmelo is like a GOAT in the sense that he's slow and makes annoying and unnecessary noise.
.@carmeloanthony lets loose after story from @PhilJackson11 confidante suggests his @nyknicks days are over…
Barba decided to use 34 years old Carmelo @carmeloanthony as Sixth Man from the bench #Nba #Nba2K17 #Lakeshow Are you agree?
Carmelo should just leave
RT @LOYALtoaTEE: "Carmelo: If They Want Me Out, Let's Talk"
😭😭 Carmelo il veut vraiment une bague