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Carly lloyd Ally Kreeger Abby Wamback Megan klinginburg Kelly O'hara Sydney Leroo Becky sourbrun Alex Morgan I love the USWNT!!!1!1!111!!!11
@LeahV93 Carly Lloyd... My favorite player of all time... The tears... The shoe throwing...
Carly Lloyd has been pretty bad tonight
Carly Lloyd make it happen
Abby Wambach and Carly Lloyd are the GOATS
If not serena than Carly Lloyd would've been a perfect choice too
@JDTrojan oh, add Carly Lloyd. It was a great year for women's team and individual sports. 👍
@NBCNewYork Should've been carly lloyd
Hey y'all - it's Carly Lloyd that propelled the USA to a World Cup title. But thanks to the others for playing.
@Rachel__Nichols Did Carly Lloyd get any consideration?
@YahooForde @marcelluswiley if anyone had an argument, it was Carly Lloyd, not a stupid horse. But Serena was most deserving
Carly Lloyd got absolutely robbed.
Pedazo de jugada de Tobin Heath, que por poco termina en gol de Carly Lloyd. #uswnt
Did Carly Lloyd just miss? #uswnt
Agradecimientos especiales a carly lloyd :D
Julie Johnston, christen press, Alex Morgan, and Carly Lloyd are my athlete crushes #uswnt
....and Carly Lloyd with a Goal!!! USWNT 1 - T&T 0 — watching United States vs Trinidad & Tobago
#usavtri and a PK given - Carly Lloyd with the goal 1-0 USA! Should have been a GK instead. Oh well!
Laughing at Crystal who works at a restaurant in Honolulu and thought she talking to Alex Morgan when she was really talking to Carly Lloyd
@SInow How is it not Carly Lloyd? If a male player performed the way she did in a world cup it would be no question.
Para mi el mejor gol de la final del mundial de canadá 2015 fué el de Carly Lloyd de mitad de cancha👏