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Just watched some old videos and one of the best bits of business we have done over the years was swapping Carew for Baros! #avfc
Take a walk around Carew Castle whilst enjoying your stay here at Trefloyne #TrefloyneTips #Tenby
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Компьютеp никогда не заменит человека (c) Людоед
@deobaldia @Lin_Manuel Pueden ser tanto de Rod Carew. Me sorprende que nadie le haya dedicado siquiera un documental o film a esta señor.
RT @workwthecoach: The schools that I went to had me thinking I had a learning disability! I failed 80% of my high school classes - true story
RT @workwthecoach: I'm for the people!They are worth more than money! Invest in your people over material things!You never know when you'll need something!KING
RT @workwthecoach: Our education system hasn't evolved in the last century. We need customized education so everyone can learn properly. #TaiLopez
RT @RowdyCEO: Ralph Foreign - Cali's Best Radio Show Love Interview via @YouTube #F4F @RowdyCEO @JroddyWilson #RT #TFBJP #NP
1 января..кажется пора вставать...ужинать)))))))
제발 설득마요, 더는 안될 일. 그 사람이 원하니 놔둘 일.
#NorthEastNews: South Shields looking to add to Seaton Carew's troubles - Shields Gazette #tyneside #northeast
Ali Rıza Sergen Yalçın ın 100. gol stresi yaşadığı Carew li sezon bile daha çok içe siniyordu. Beck Necip Aboubakar felan ne amk ya
Carew Papritz and the Legacy Letters - Flashback Friday! #flashbackfriday...
RT @NYMediaBuzz: So if #Trump is winning in just about every public poll across Twitter,why does the media saying hes losing? Check…
RT @HDSailing: My dietician rocks! I now get a beer for dinner and I don't have to #lie about it now #FridayFeeling
Match Preview 📝 Seaton Carew v South Shields
RT @mbamiri60: I think the most amazing part was the first day she swallowed...... Ice Cream. She jumped, she was confused. She wanted to eat everything 😍
Rock Fiction Coveting: His to Claim by Opal Carew via @WestofMars