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RT @ItsFoodPorn: No Churn Salted Caramel Ice Cream.
RT @_ayakojh: I don't know about yall, but Siyeon Jiu and Gahyeon singing Orange Caramel's Magic Girl was probably the best thing…
@master_of_poop 俺化学系いきたい
New arrival Caramel. Isn’t she a stunner? Caramel was rescued from the streets by another protectora and then came…
“You a Caramel nigger!” 🤣🤣🤣 white people funny af, I’m sorry
@puri_caramel なかなか全員揃わなくて…神崎見つかってほしい…愛でさせてほしい…💓💓 はーい❤️❤️
and the new caramel ones...yummy
RT @wajalsenggim: 키리오스-김독자-유중혁-파천검성 맘대로 그렸지만 여튼 키가 저세상 케미
RT @BigDawgChoosin: White chocolate mocha or a caramel macchiato.
RT @mstijai: You know a show did they thing, when you wake up still in your feelings. #Greenleaf.
@cocoa_hmkw えへへ😆そして気づいたらもう木曜の夜だ…!つら楽しみです…
RT @MrVicks: Zora need her ass beat #Greenleaf
RT @Cue_Tee_Py: Bishop's current situation. Lady Mae don't play!!! Lmao @GreenleafOWN #Greenleaf @ImKeithDavid @MsLynnWhitfield…
@puri_caramel 改めて、みやちゃん❤️よろぴく!!す
(retrieves a caramel apple)
#今日のジャニ事 18.10.18 ・「櫻井・有吉THE夜会」10/18