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RT @seokmyg: CAPRICORN: attention from someone really important to you or someone you don't even know. (Good attention) you're not good in situations +
RT @seokmyg: CAPRICORN: y'all just wanna be cared for. Feeling like people care for you is something that keeps you going daily. You love getting +
RT @AG_Barrios: Females get fucked over & start hating that entire zodiac sign 🤣🤣 #Capricorn
RT @seokmyg: CAPRICORN: can be sensitive little beans. Love feeling comfortable with ppl and having them bring them out of their shell a little
RT @seokmyg: CAPRICORN: y'all are kinda shy but can be SO fucking weird that I often wonder how you're shy (weird in a good way)
RT @bocasaints: the "laughs way too hard at their own jokes" squad taurus, leo, gemini, libra, capricorn, sagittarius
RT @IphoneKisses: @daddykn0sbest unfortunately the spawn of Satan, Capricorn
RT @Taurus_Quotes: #Taurus is most compatible with #Virgo and #Capricorn because their like personalities generally complement each other.
RT @breakingnews740: This is why baby monitors are so important and helpful! Don’t you think?
RT @AG_Barrios: Females get fucked over & start hating that entire zodiac sign 🤣🤣 #Capricorn
Capricorn: run. RUN.
RT @poetastrologers: Behavior of a Hungover Capricorn: Avoiding all human interaction until next week, watching history documentaries until nightfall.
If you hurt #capricorns people ego, they will make your life a living hell #Capricorn #capricornquote #termsofcapricorn #tweet
@_Tiaramisu_ Capricorn's actually reigb
RT @ONIKAxKING: Like them being a Capricorn was the problem and not you having sex with 3 Virgos and a Sagittarius while y'all was…
RT @hoecry: CAPRICORN: vices: emotionally abusive, controlling, stubborn, cuts ppl off alarmingly quick virtues: witty, smooth, good memory, pretty
RT @breakingnews740: Looks like mothers really do know best...
RT @cappricccorn: #Capricorn's are always climbing. You will only see dramatic improvements with them.
RT @bocasaints: SALTY VS SHADY salty: gemini, leo, scorpio, aries, taurus, sagittarius shady: capricorn, pisces, libra, aquarius, cancer, virgo
RT @hoecry: capricorn women: loyal, loyal, loyal friends. will do ANYTHING for the ones they love. martyrs in the field of relationships. so fragile tho
how you knew i was a capricorn 🤔