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1年D組 ゐでよちゃん 身長…170cm 髪…金色でくるくる 目…黒くて猫っぽい 得意科目…国語 バスト…B 特徴…猫背 性格…かわいい。おっとりした子とさばさばした子とは相性よし 姿勢正すとめちゃくちゃデカくなるやつだ
This shit right here? Riding the Orb and tearing parts off of her? I was waiting for it for two years, since they r…
@rosieatlarge @YummySandwiches I was just thinking how fun it would be to have one of those microphones with the ef…
Don’t put a toe in the water with your love; grab your knees and do a cannonball. Move from the bleachers to the fi…
Now he’s shouting cannonball while jumping on my back.. and I wonder where my back pain comes from 🙃🙃🙃
That wasn't good. With struggling to get back up he could barely move, there was no way he could stop a fat cannonb…
@TurnbullMalcolm People like #PMLive @SkyNewsAust keep giving this guy a platform to voice his hate speech, even encouraged by the host.
RT @Hi_Goldenness: 다들 맛점 하셨어요? 오늘의 주찬곡 Damien rice - cannonball
We are gearing up for ... Majestic castles, magnificent drives, mystic charm, 5 Star Luxury & MIGHTY Craic in the…
A CANNONBALL(Liar Soft) 宇宙で最も過酷なレースを繰り広げるレーシング!「レース」は、アクション要素を含んだコマンド選択式のミニゲーム。 要素:SF、燃え、世界観良い
もっと ワガママでOK? (Cannonball) #nakanomori
Listening to @BeerOClockShow Episode 22 this morning, I suddenly realised I am strangely looking forward to the mom…
A #kettlebell resembles a cannonball with a handle.
it’s 1:54 am my ears are ringing and all I can hear is the wabash cannonball
@ByDonkeys Excerpts from the Cannonball Run #GammonballRun
エッチコンロ点火!w 勃チチチチチチチチチチチチチチチチチチチチチチ!!\チ/