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RT @boxingscene: Chavez Jr: $1 Million Fine For Every Pound I'm Over With Canelo #boxing
@Kevin_Canelo_R @abcdefguaduuh oh word ? Bc you added me with quickness talking bout I think I saw you at cornucopia 🙃
RT @Rossmac212: Do not mess with this woman, she hits like @Canelo😂
@_moniv1 @abcdefguaduuh lmao now you two are going to gang up on me. & I wasn't in your dm wym. 😂
Canelo-Chávez y otras 5 peleas esperadas por México
RT @Rossmac212: When you act out Canelo v Khan😂
@abcdefguaduuh @Kevin_Canelo_R EXACTLY KEVIN. We were watching the rides.
RT @SportsCenter: BREAKING: Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will square off in a long-anticipated match on May 6.…
@_moniv1 @Kevin_Canelo_R that's what I'm saying! you didn't stare just glance but that's cause we were watching the ride 🙄
#ELTELÓN #Deportes Se confirma el día para la pelea de ‘Canelo’ vs Chávez Jr. La esperada pelea entre los...
@Kevin_Canelo_R @abcdefguaduuh why were you in my DMs right after tho 🐸☕️
RT @Rossmac212: Fair play Amir Khan deserves his holiday after the big fight with Canelo😂
RT @abcdefguaduuh: @_moniv1 @Kevin_Canelo_R hahaha yeah just quick glances 😌
AYÚDANOS A COMPARTIR Canelo es un Macho muy joven que tiraron en el estacionamiento de la plaza, acompaña a un...
@abcdefguaduuh @Kevin_Canelo_R nigga you're supposed to be on my side not his 😑
@_moniv1 @Kevin_Canelo_R hahaha yeah just quick glances 😌
RT @Rossmac212: When you act out Canelo v Khan😂
@Kevin_Canelo_R nah nah nah. I was enjoying the sun and views. You just happened to be blocking min 🙄 but shut up. That's why they hit you
RT @WorldBoxingWall: There is a $1M fine for every pound that Canelo or Chavez Jnr comes in over 164.5 😳 #TWBW