RT @sayoniaiyar: Doesn't get more Modern Family than this: Sofia Vergara's frozen embryos are suing mom-practically. H/T @NehaPoonia
RT @sgnlthelgthoops: (12) Cañada 89 Hartnell 81 Final
RT @lunarpita: me: "why are CANADA geese not CANADIAN geese" nickole: "how'd you call geese from america?" me: "if they were from america they'd be eagles"
RT @Alex_Panetta: The White House press pool notes on Joe Biden's remarks in Canada tonight.
@Suzyiam he is in Canada, he predicted the 14 Nov. He is autistic. I don't know much about him. I put this on my timeline 4 the record.
RT @Independent: Black activist Viola Desmond is first woman on a Canadian 10 dollar bill
RT @ShmooReport: @ShmooReport Trudeau is Canada's Clinton. He's a liar and crooked
MOCK TRIAL US actor Judge Reinhold arrested in Dallas
RT @Gurmeetramrahim: #Craze4LionHeart Excitement continuously picking up the pace in Canada! Fans enjoying the shows excitedly! Loads of…
RT @pushforchange: Thanks to: @RaisingTheRoof who supports 50+ community agencies in #Canada + works w/partners (Like #pushforchange)…
Samsung disabling Note7 in the US and Canada
RT @Limportant_fr: Canada : des billets de 10$ à l'effigie de Viola Desmond @TERRIENNESTV5
RT HCblenda "RT LMJChart: iTunes Canada • Electronic Music 1. Back to Me - Marian Hill (feat. Lauren Jauregui) (NEW)"
RT @Justin_Ling: Trudeau highlighted Biden's fight against sexual assault, and US/Canada cooperation on clean energy, the environment, and women's rights
RT @bmaggiemay: 'It's a big day': Black rights activist Viola #Desmond 2B 1st Canadian woman on $10 bill…
Amazon debutes first AWS Region in Canada | TechCrunch
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RT @Scherlis: 1. Point out the lies of PEOTUS. 2. Get Tweet-attacked by said infant. 3. Death threats. @Amy_Siskind #TheResistance
@kleinalexandre @LaurentTurcot Ça a l'air vraiment intéressant ! C'est une histoire des sports et loisirs au Canada?
Will he make America great again? No hope for the poor! Trump picks Andrew Puzder to lead US Department of Labor -
RT @awscloud: Our newest region – AWS Canada (Central) is now open! 🇨🇦 🍁
Capilano suspension bridge 😎👍🏻 #canada #vancouver
RT @Independent: Black activist Viola Desmond is first woman on a Canadian 10 dollar bill