i have no idea what im doing. im new at this page, i just want to talk about can i join the forums and talk there... help? :(

Why couldn't I have met Canaan two years ago
Purvi 0 Popla 2 [Top 2nd] [P: #23 Canaan Ray] [B: #33 Quade Delancey]
RT @taliloveeee: Man, can't take Samoans anywhere 😂😂😂😂😩😩😩🤦🏽‍♀️ Toneo krazy AF for this 💀 #theSHAKA🤙🏽🌊
Heading out from the Canaan Loop on Monday morning, en route to Bedford, Virginia. Leaving the…
@canaansmith @Bushhallmusic Another Great night in London.Canaan showing why the British fans love seeing him live…
canaan was so great what an absolute fave
@Canaan_alphald 通信を傍受、迎えに上がりました。
@DylanAces1 I use to ski but on the east coast Mt Snow Vermont, Canaan Valley West Virginia, Beech Mountain NC
North Fork Red Run, parallel to Canaan Loop Road, near Davis, West Virginia, after a recent…
#NowPlaying Love You Like That by Canaan Smith
Goodnight all 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤💤😴😴😴😴😪. I love Jeff, Natalie, Judge Rinder, simone, canaan smith 😘😘😘😘😘
wayyyy over competition @ Canaan Valley Resort
戦争ごっこ? 違う
#wv #local #tv NEWS Canaan Valley Hosts Educators Rising Competitive Events Conference
【TYPE-MOON関連作品ロケ地MAP】 #typemoon 聖地巡礼の際にご参考ください。月姫(真月譚含)/Fate(派生作品含)/空の境界/魔法使いの夜/CANAAN/京都、春。の聖地MAPです。【随時更新】
Canaan Smith was great at Bush hall. I got to meet him and get his signature. I also got his set list and a guitar pick. #canaansmith
あなた、友達いる?  ――――――私にはいる。
PCHS Lineup (1/2): Bailey Doss, RF; Wesley Bates, DH; Austin Stephens, SS; Austin Carleton, 1B; Noah Hathorn, LF; Canaan Garrett, 3B;
@Politica_ECpe "Canaán" del Castillo ensayando ridícula defensa: desconocer a "compañeros" de pillerías.Quieren que nada le salpique al jefe