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@Loving_Camilla // left me all the work on "well where was Selena" and it was a nightmare to work with
Qual seu face não consigo te chama no dm aqui — Camilla Barbosa
RT @kero_sweet: ファイアーエムブレムif // カミラ Fire Emblem Fates // Camilla if court用に描いたもの^^
Tô aqui na rua com o Tiago, Hiago,pinto, Leo e Camilla lembrando dos bglhs que nós fazia na rua kkkkkkkk
@Loving_Camilla // their character was on the bed waiting, in her bra and panties, for Selena to come back to the room
@Cuntmilla [She slapped Camilla's ass, smiling at what she created.] You'll be so popular~!
RT @Italouco_: Às vezes cê perde um bagulho pra outro bem melhor tomar o lugar...
RT @NOSFALAMRM2: Essas horas bate vários pensamentos, alguns bons, outros ruins..
RT @gagajcap: jessica capshaw fã de greys divide roupa d grávida com a camilla lembra dos monólogo antigo ama todos os casais confundida com cameron diaz
@Loving_Camilla // I told them I want a story before lewd, so take a guess what "amazing" story they gave me
Quando a pessoa vem me chamar mas pra pedir uma coisa idiota tipo uma senha e some de volta 🤔🤔🤔
@NohrianTsun //Damn, that would kill my muse too. Have some non-lewd in your life to have some change.
RT @_soaresleticiaa: Quem vc conta seus segredos? — Camilla,Isabelli, Rapha e Evelin
@Loving_Camilla // I one time had someone who wanted to do lewd 24/7, every time either climaxed they wanted to go again killed my muse
RT @milkyyoon_: Last time I checked I rarely heard anything about 4H besides the Camilla incident..
RT @OceanboiTidus: I'm still not over how beautiful Camilla is
RT @mmpadellan: Are u KIDDING me? HRC, BIGGEST name in Women's Rights is omitted from honorees? Sign this petition 2 #AddHerName.
@NohrianTsun //Just the things you'll eventually find out I guess.