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RT @MarcSnetiker: fun Oscars fact if you say Casey Affleck three times he will disappear but his multiple sexual harassment charges won't
RT @mavannucchi: camilla me chama e fala "posso enviar um video MUUUITO engraçado teu" KUHDUSDHUAHS TO C MEDO
@gdiClaire Sorry :( Camilla just.. isn't my cup of tea. I can see her appeal but, not waifu material to me :(
RT @miadoIan: please don't make the love of my life and angel of this planet brie larson give that ugly ass punk ass casey affleck bitch another award
The fact that Brie had to give him of all people the award is sick.
@camilla_exo 헉 잠금 저눈 간이 짝고 다른사람이 자꾸 알아봐서 못해놔요..ㅠㅜㅠㅠ (바탕ㅇ 예쁘게 써주세여.... 헤헤😘😘
@NohrsMalig She questions Azama every day, don’t worry. “You know me well, heh.” Standing up, Hinoka pulls Camilla to her feet. >>
Y casualidad que los 2 temblores que sentí fueron pq el 1ro estaba en camilla del hospital y ahora en silla con rueditas, sino no hay chance
hey camilla check out all my blue
// Screams. Camilla Mendes.
Happy tummy happy lunchyyy 🦀 (with Bryan and Camilla) [pic] —
@lunacatte Camilla isn't on this list so I'm judging u
@fixrcewinds — I'm sure you don't want to just lay around all afternoon, anyway.” Last time she was told to relax, as far as Camilla knows —
@fixrcewinds “I'm sure there's something you'll like,” Camilla says, sitting herself up from the towel. “Why don't we go and see? —
RT @lexiwalther: Pst @Lin_Manuel can you give us a sneaky sneak as to what your speech was going to be because it would've been 🔥🔥 #Oscars2017
@STARPUNCHER 17: camilla > i love her but i know she could have been so much better > please intsys let me rewrite…
@camillalackberg Förstår din saknad Camilla. Jag som driver detta kontot förlorade min pappa i suicid som barn.
RT @IMisS_Furaith: 알구 봤더니 옆에 있던 크라운님이 치신 채팅이었음ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 춤추게 하지 말라고 친 것까지 크라운이어서 급식이가 형한테 부둥부둥 안겼다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
RT @ditzkoff: TARAJI: "Are you going to share it?"
RT @_star_lol_: 캠 때릴때마다 옷 바뀌는 프로스트리머 배준식 >>이 영상 보시는 분들은 15대를 맞으실 수 있으며 참고로 여태 방송하면서 캠에 주먹이 날라온 횟수는 약 34회<<
A live tá mt foda, melhor live que eu jah vi. To assistindo desde o início e rindo cm uma retardada <3