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Bloody hell they don't call ya Angry Klopp for nothing do they? Calm down mate. 🤣🤣🤣
RT @kitturoyals: Venaki tagadantaa calm ga ayipoyadu ani kadhu.. time kosam eaduruchustunadu anthaaaaaaaaaaaa.......
how to calm a jimin stan... God bless the owner's soul.❤️
Can't help but notice practically everyone hyping the shit outta Destiny 2 Calm down You never know It could be the next NMS or Division
@xEmpressive you only think you need it calm down =p
RT @FatemahAlabed: tell me this people are terrorist. Who's terrorizing this young boy now? Oh look he's very calm. This is not a movi…
RT @dulcetaegi: taehyung's you know it all you're my best friend his voice is so deep it could literally calm the oceans
The calm before the @CoachAndInspire Defensive principles workshop at @lborouniversity. @LSULHC smashed it once aga…
I swear some of y'all hop in relationships just to take pictures for social media. 😂 keep calm and love yourself.
RT @dunwaIl: charles: please don't swear in front of laura logan: calm down charles it's not like she's gonna repeat them laura…
@baloe39 nou onze is mr calm. Maar ja ook al bejaard
@hotpatooties I wished I could have told my younger self it would be OK because someday I'd be the calm, helping stranger!
RT @President_Beee: Awww so cute....The one in the middle just calm 😂😍
An abnormally kind of calm play of #overwatch check it out!
my laptop is still like... roaring like crazy lmfao calm do w n
@Tash_NoChill She's a calm 36... pushing 40
RT @AdaezeRealist: Beefing in a relationship is calm you know, lowkey it's healthy.. sometimes pattern me when I chat shit init lol.
@emmacakecup les gens qui on pas encore compris Ses un décore du YouTubeSpace calm seconde degrés vous connaissez
@MarnORZ I have faith in you to go 6-1. Calm down though.
RT @bestofifty: “I thought she was an angel when I first met her. She was dressed in white & so gentle & calm as she examined me. I…