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Eh estado consumiendo 1000 cal otra vez me da vergüenza hasta twittearlo
Wod Martes 28/03/17 Wod A 10 min emom E 12 cal bike  O 12 chest to bar Wod B 3 rounds  200…
RT @JosephMiller96: Twitter is always on form when Cal Kane ventures to Digi Mondays
where's the girls who know all about hunting and fishing????
RT @trigonis30: Congrats to Cal State Bakersfield for making NIT Final 4 in NYC. Head coach Rod Barnes has done a fantastic job with this program
@adamrichard @calbo That made me check how old my account was. Ten years in May! Also apologies to Cal who has been stuck in this thread.
RT @MGardnerSports: The So Cal Prep Legends Male Athlete of Week is . . . @DamienBaseball @SoCalPrepLegend
- PaTa Kro ApKa DosT MsG/CaL Py Kis Se Bat KrTa Hai Us K CaL/MsG ApNe NumBr Pe ReciVe KrO FoLLoW @ReaL_TriXz SenD 40404 ON @ReaL_VivoiPL
RT @sirdiesel: South Carolina: we're USC U of Southern Cal: nope South Carolina: fine, we're Carolina UNC: nope South Carolina: ok, we're cocks Duke: nope
RT @linfinity88: Lin said the March wins illustrated the “recipe for success” & have built confidence in the Nets before next season…
I just accepted my admission to Cal State East Bay...Idk how to feel
me and soppy always say cal on willy 😭😭 that trap st shit 😫🤦🏽‍♀️
Já sei o que fazer pra ficar na moda. Nada que uma tesoura, um balde de cal e uma parede feia não resolvam 👇
Beautiful day for a site visit at the breathtaking Japanese Gardens @EBMJG located at Cal State…
RT @IceHockey_Tips: INPLAY⬇ Game: COL Avalanche @ CAL Flames Bet: Period 2 Over 1.5 Total ➡️ODDS 1.60⬅️ Stake: 3u
@ya_girl_cal You're going to do amazing 💞
RT @EsqMontgomery: Lmaooo this guy Wiz Khalifa took flowers to Pablo Escobar grave get this guy out of here
@julio_cal hahahahahaha essa menina me tira do sério?