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Wild week in Cal football leads to new head coach, offensive coordinator - Daily Californian
Unsa na lang mi kung ipa decode amoang diff cal ug p6? 😠😠
@SublimeAmity « Stilts. ❝I'm not sure if I said this before but, thanks, Cal.❞
@SublimeAmity « words came out as a mere whisper, as if ashamed of what have happened, when Cal and Mare had a secret tour back at the »
RT @claudinha_fm: Acho que toda a gente devia ler isto , grande André Silva!
RT @cupnacional: Eulàlia Reguant: "Cal enfortir i recapitalitzar el sector públic i acabar amb 30 anys de 'business friendly'"…
@SublimeAmity « between them, engulfed by the past, which seemed to haunt them involuntarily. Just when the girl opened her mouth, Cal »
@SublimeAmity « anyone, constantly reminded that Cal's brother was her betrothed, not Cal - the crown prince. Moments of silence past »
@SublimeAmity « Perhaps it was because Mare felt lonely in the palace and Cal and Maven were the only one she could talk to normally. »
RT @RomaRadio: ON AIR Trigoria Lunch Box con @johnnypalomba in studio e @alessio_cal dal campo d'allenamento! Messaggi WhatsApp p…
@SublimeAmity « presence of them. Mare blinked, confused at the train of thoughts. Since when had she been this considerate toward Cal? »
RT @CGTCatalunya: Demà #AlParlament18G perquè cal començar a revertir les retallades des del carrer, mai des del sofà
La consellera ens vol donar engrunes. #DefensemlaPublica Demà ens veiem #AlParlament18G
@Igarro @desmarquecelta @DovladoG @maria_trigo creo que sea cal sea a actitude ,demostramos que e totalmente reemplazable
RT @mbirligi: “Bu Çalışmalar Hilafet Sisteminin Yeniden Kurulması Ve Laikliğin Adım Adım Ortadan Kaldırılmasıdır”
When you are singing in the house and you forget your mom and dad can hear 😳🙈😂
RT @KUSpotlight: SAFE HARBOR by @JoyceScarbrough. Cal is rethinking his life & Jasmine's place in it. #KindleUnlimited
RT @RuthHHopkins: By camp. National Guard anti-aircraft missle launch pod mounted on modified Humvee. 50 cal. with heat seeking abili…
NO, @fernan080471, tot el vostre és públic i cal que ho sàpiguen tots els europeus, el que sou i sou com us mostreu…
En la llista particular (meva i de companys de feina) dels que cal recuperar, el número u és dóna. I no gaire lluny…
RT @Proces_Embat: Demà #AlParlament18G perquè cal començar a revertir les retallades des del carrer, mai des del sofà
@Intha_Cal j'étais archi con j'aurais jamais du