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@sryhilsradio if you have time to play it please can you play James Arthur 'Say you won't let go' for Caitlin? Thanks x
RT @Ashton5SOS: Shine on. Sending love to you all today, not long till I see my band again, looking forward to hearing there storie…
RT @Luke5SOS: thank god the wifi is set up
RT @Ashton5SOS: Watching our tour diaries 😭 I miss you all so much! What the hell. Separation anxiety haha! What an amazing tour SLFL was ❀
RT @jade_hendox: Too busy filming herself she almost dropped my cheesecake πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚ @_caitlin__x
It feels good to boldly state your needs without much of a fil... More for Leo
RT @Luke5SOS: Our friends @oneokrockofficial released an album and we are on one of the songs, check it out !!:-)
RT @Calum5SOS: @Michael5SOS @pretareporter now we definitely aren't getting a sponsorship.
@BirdKeeperToby 2nd- Lillie is(nt) connected to Caitlin 3rd- shit-what's-her-name and Olympia are related 4th- how rich is James
owen jones is trending. i think he's the only verified person i can think of who has me blocked. maybe caitlin moran too
RT @17BLAVKSWIFT: taylor swift and caitlin evanson did that and i'm very thankful.
RT @Methone: Berlin-NeukΓΆlln: Polizei meldet 14 BrΓ€nde in der Nacht #DieNachrichten
@typicaljp blame caitlin dr spotify!
RT @LynnB04: Another great night for Caitlin. Thank you @iammrvandy and @speakyteeth .
@sryhilsradio is the link 'colours'? Black Magic, Purple People Eater, Green Day and 99 Red Balloons. Guess from me & Caitlin πŸ€”πŸ˜‰
caitlin and demi on their way up for some films xoxo
RT @17BLAVKSWIFT: taylor swift and caitlin evanson did that and i'm very thankful.
I'll pay anyone to kill Caitlin Kramer