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RT @alexrusselI: this how my demons pull up on me
RT @Trekles: I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature, all of this is art to me.
@Margie_Abrenica set naaaa hahahaha milktea ko oh hahahahaha
Caitlin explaining Anne Frank to Will: '.. etc, famous because she wrote diaries.' 'Oh like Bridget Jones' oh my
@Margie_Abrenica hooooy hahahaha i miss youuuu!!! 😔
RT @elijahdaniel: "they're pretty religious so try to behave yourself please" me:
Aww Julian si que le gusta Caitlin y todo lo hace por ella #TheFlash
Η Caitlin O’Connor και τα πλούσια προσόντα της Η 26χρονη λατρεύει τις τόπλες πόζες
@caitlin__haas awh thank you! Love you😘😘
RT @teenlifemsgs: Deep conversation with open minded people are the best.
Caitlin Y6 showed me her Slalom Skiing badges this morning. She's working towards her level 3 award in France this…
@SabrinaTYM Hi Sabrina, I have forwarded this on to Caitlin who I believe you've spoken to previously. She'll be in touch shortly. -Antonia
kapag kasi gusto may paraan, tas kapag ayaw, madami talagang dahilan 😂
RT @bodyimagemvmt: It’s Weekly Share time! This week's share comes from the incredible Caitlin Patterson, along with the Sole...
@neighbours It's good that there will be a memorial for baby Caitlin but that will be hard. Sonya won't be very happy 2 c Toadie #Neighbours
RT @streepmeryI: Hey @realDonaldTrump, you once called me an overrated actress, at least my first film wasn't a fail but your first…