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VIEW price of Yellow Submarine and special offer!!!Product Description : Yellow Submarine essential videoThis restored, animated valentine to the Beatles offers viewers the rare chance to see a work that's been substantially improved by its technical facelift, not just supersized with extra footage. Recognizing that its song-studded soundtrack alone makes Yellow Submarine a video annuity, United Artists has lavished a frame-by-frame refurbishment of the original feature, while replacing its original monaural audio tracks with a meticulously reconstructed stereo mix that actually refines legendary original album versions. What emerges is a vivid time capsule of the late '60s and a minor milestone in animation. The music represents the quartet's zenith--Rubber Soul, Revolver, and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The story [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

@ANNJakeH I can appreciate that, as a kid whose mind was blown in 5th grade by seeing the Blue Meanies of Yellow Submarine be forgiven.
RT @beatlesvids: ringo performs yellow submarine at the grammys salute to the beatles (2014)
RT @soundpak: 【本店2F潜水艦ジャケ新入荷】アニメ映画のサントラとして'69年に発表されたビートルズの11thアルバム『Yellow Submarine』。今回入荷したのはUKステレオ盤で恐らく2ndか3rdプレス。コーティング・ジャケットなら…
【本店2F潜水艦ジャケ新入荷】アニメ映画のサントラとして'69年に発表されたビートルズの11thアルバム『Yellow Submarine』。今回入荷したのはUKステレオ盤で恐らく2ndか3rdプレス。コーティング・ジャケットなら…
RT @beatlesvids: ringo performs yellow submarine at the grammys salute to the beatles (2014)
Ticket to Ride / Yes It Is / Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby / Hey Jude / Revolution / Something /..
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In a way, don't we ALL live in a yellow submarine?
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RT @RockZaSvobodu: Чемодан в честь группы The Beatles - Yellow Submarine. В багаж лучше не сдавать, изуродуют.
@klf325 Ferrari, yellow submarine. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa!
RT @ET_Beatles: Saw this really cool Yellow Submarine art the other day - credit to the artist!
😂😂😂 we all live in a yellow submarine #beatles 👌🏾