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Another #earthquake but this time off the Japanese Coast near #Fukushima.
How To Enjoy A Good Vacation Anywhere In the World >>
Sea Turtles Appear to Be Bouncing Back Around the World
RT @tashamarri: My fucking heart...Pray for Mexico. Pray for the world.
@TheCutbanks @getongab @KTHopkins unity should be the worldview. one world! one people! one enemy!
RT @golpezurdo: @yesiddalaf @Mbali_Mntimande @TheRealMakoro @Lolitaisashrimp @mixy_thAng @AlizeHancock @Yfz84 @BSNComedy…
RT @SheriffClarke: Critics can carp all they want about the UNGA speech delivered by @realDonaldTrump. He was very clear about America…
RT @idolator: Take a bow, #BTS! The biggest boy band in the world makes history with their new album:
RT @suntory: \✨RTキャンペーン👓✨/ 9/26発売の新商品 #朝ティーミルク 1ケースがその場で当たる🎉 毎日抽選で計1,000名様! @suntoryをフォロー&意識高い系 #瀬良社長 のムービーをRT! 詳細は👉…
RT @orionnichole: put someone with dark brown eyes under soft sunlight and see how your world will change
RT @orionnichole: put someone with dark brown eyes under soft sunlight and see how your world will change
RT @tar___ruh: A surprise that meant the world to me 🌻 @hunterwoodhall
RT @Ii5ht: dongwoon trying to get comfortable but the world isnt letting him is Big Mood rn
RT @Franklin_Graham: Yesterday @POTUS publicly warned the world about socialism. I hope the Democratic leaders in Washington were listening.
@perlmutations He has no idea that the entire world despises him.
RT @diddy: Last night was historic. I was the only African American on a stage of the brightest business minds of the world.
Pray for Puerto Rico. Pray for Mexico. Pray for the world. These videos are killing me.
🗣How could anyone trust the 'word' of the Iran regime👎 @mitchellvii @RoboHoward @3lectric5heep @kimguilfoyle @AmyMek
RT @OwenJones84: Solidarity with Catalonia! The Spanish government is at war with democracy and civil rights - and the whole world is watching ✊️
RT @LoveQuotes: I really like you. A lot. I know sometimes I mess up and do things that make it seem like I don't care but trust me, you're my world.
RT @melleighjonesxo: Worst thing in the world when somebody doesn't get your humour and you have to say "I'm joking" after every sentence so they don't cry
RT @vansskate: Early bird @tony_alva_pure gets first grind at @vansparkseries Shanghai World Championship course, for contest info…
RT @davidcrosss: Who the fuck wants to live in a world where people openly wear swastikas?!
@laura_leichling @ScottAdamsSays You're right. Kim is endangering millions of lives and the leaders of the world do…