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@aswiminknits that's nice. Sometimes I have to bring H w/ me when M is working and that is the worst. Alone though? A+ knitting time. :)
Working on a new site that I pray will be a help to fellow #WorshipLeaders. Our theme: "Don't do ministry alone." #GetBetter
When you and your BFF are working alone in the lab you'd better believe it's time to get weird.
RT @dreahontas: @yourstrulyaylin I stayed at school until 8 working on it alone cause I wanted you guys to be surprised and know that we are supporting you
@yourstrulyaylin I stayed at school until 8 working on it alone cause I wanted you guys to be surprised and know that we are supporting you
The best part of working alone on Saturdays is that I listen to whatever the fuck I want to listen to.
@RyanPGoldchains @WFNYScott further that wasn't natural, I watched DL spend many an early morn working that form alone on a pole on a beach
thought i was home alone & went to my car to charge my phone naked & one of my dads workers is IN MY YARD WORKING & now im stuck WTF DO I DO
@Baba340 she likes working alone
Working on my personal brand, aka watching a 4 year old episode of The Chris Gethard alone in a coffee shop
RT @Always_Trump: This image ALONE convinced my friend to vote #Trump. If Obama's on taxpayer's dime, he should be WORKING not campai…
"So annoying when people working in shops come up and ask you if you need anything just leave me alone" Sorry for doing my job
#GymEttiqutte: If you see a beautiful Woman working out, PLEASE leave her ALONE! She's there to exercise, not fight off your advances! #Stop
Working a 12 hour shift alone today 🙃 someone save me
Working alone vs working in a team via @9GAG
Busting out those orders this morning.. So good to be alone-no emails no calls no im- loving working a Saturday morning!
RT @9GAGGifs: Working alone vs working in a team
RT @jbeckham15: Why are girls so hateful like you get mad, decide if it's worth working out or not, and if not let it go?? Leave ppl alone
I hate working alone i be mad bored just sitting here listening to this depressing music
RT @AsimBajwaISPR: Indians resorted to unprovoked fire/shelling on working bdry in Shakargarh sec today.Pak Rangers befittingly responded.No loss on Pak side-1
RT @AsimBajwaISPR: Indian claim of hitting or killing any Pakistani soldier/Ranger with firing at anytime of today at LOC/ working bdry absolutely false-2/2
Guess I'm working alone
RT @FVChurchAuburn: If your life isn’t working, do something different. What you’re doing isn’t currently working.
I'm //really// bad at remembering to take pills, inc contraceptive/antibiotics, let alone fuckin vitamins, so this is working so well for me
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