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@souljaboy if quavo want war than it war fytb #sodmg cj & soulja give me a shout out bro holl at. Me
RT @OrientalTimes: BIAFRA: Ohanaeze Backs IPOB, MASSOB, Says Buhari Acting To Provoke Ndigbo To War
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Cuh done left his phone and it's no war I can get in touch with him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Facebook war mir wirklich schon immer zu dummz, vor allem wegen der Menschz, aber ich bin ja auch Intälläktboy3000.
RT @MBuhari: This latest attack is obviously an act of desperation, but the Nigerian military will neither be distracted, nor relent in its war on terror
RT @evolvepolitics: Our Deputy Editor @MattTurner4L will be on BBC Radio 4 from 11AM talking about the war on 'fake news' with @jimwaterson and @davidwooding!
Krasser Abend in Bremen war das. Gruß an alle die Vorort waren. Das war 100% Untergrund. Hammer 💚💚💚
The Scots were not threatened with another civil war by Britain, which over centuries had its own share of civil wars.
@yukisuke3126 赤だけ抽出しても長い(否定しないかお
RT @OfficeOfRG: 'Waging a war on black money may sound enticing.But it cannot entail even a single loss of life of an honest Indian'
RT @BankersDidIt: .@darren_dazmav Zionists controlled (created today's USA) they want perpetual war... UK in perpetual war too
RT @hammalhaidar: Pak continues war crimes in #Balochistan with impunity. Whole Balochland has become a graveyard yet UN is silent…
@MangaColumbo Kaiji hat ziemlich an Potenzial verloren. Durch das Pacing war es noch nicht einmal spannend gegen Ende.
RT @KinyanBoy: Studying the documents that IBL shareholders have presented and CBK is in a tough war #CBKHouseOfFraud
RT @DKultur: Im Osten war auch der Schneemann scharf auf den Schnaps aus dem Konsum...
Ach das war n Song, der ganz okay ist XD
Aregbesola: Nigeria's Recession Will Turn Into 'a Civil War' if.....See Details Below
#JustDoIt Learnt a lot from today's run #ParkRun #StayingActive 🏃🏾 @ War Memorial Park
RT @DAEGUB0I: chill bts stan ーrare ーnobody knows if their species is extinct ーmetal hearts ーif there are still left, they will survive the war
RT @Americooligan: Follow analytics closely - I've never used the term "shadow banned". This tweet was shadow banned. New Cold War wi…
RT @BTS_twt: 랩몬입니다.전쟁같은 war요일이네요. 또 모두들 각자의 장소에서 총칼을 들고 치열한 한주를 보내시겠죠~! 저희도 카운트가 다가오는만큼 더욱 분발하도록 하겠습니다. 모두 승리합시다~
RT @BankersDidIt: Orwell was correct @darren_dazmav Zionist bankers' perpetual war