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Well, that didn't take long. Next round in the unwinnable war on maths...
RT @ojijomoris: @Njoroge_Joseph @KTNKenya I think it's the tantrum boy who started the war he can't win
RT @Rosie: Trump is dragging us into another war... and no one is talking about it via @HuffPostPol
RT @SteveMotley: We need to declare all out war on these Radical Muslim vermin! I spent 22 years in the stone Corps, but 'm ready to…
RT @TAKEZO_masa: サイン会で自分のすね毛を抜いて配るイラストレーターこと岸田メル先生 @mellco
RT @GandhiiQuotes: War for peace is a paradoxical fraud that you are conditioned into believing.
Civil war within the Republican Party? @SpeakerRyan @realDonaldTrump 🙌🙊🙈😂 KARMA!
RT @AlabedBana: Dear @antonioguterres this is crime against the children of Syria. Please move them from the war & bring them in a…
RT @GitaSKapoor: From one fake journo to one fake news agency. How they spread hate and war mongering. 'Sources'.
Iraq war Veteran throws throws his medals and stars, and explains why. Must see! - YouTube
"Seit vier Monaten beschäftigt sie sich mit den sogenannten alternativen Fakten, erzählt sie. Der Einstieg war ein Vortrag von D. #Ganser"
@TheBigeasyPlay Meines Wissens war es bisher nur 'ne Stunde spielbar - ich denke nicht, dass das da überhaupt möglich wäre. xD
RT @latimes: This was our air in 1990. State legislators are ready to go to war with Trump to stop this from happening again:…
Duterte unapologetic of war on drugs: Bishop
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RT @commishbob: Imagine being Ryan right now and realizing the #POTUS is waging a proxy propaganda war against you via Judge Jeanine Pirro
RT @OpferNaziGewalt: 26.03.01, Grimmen: Fred Blank wird von zwei Nazis totgeschlagen, nachdem er nicht bereit war Ihnen Geld zu geben.
@RomainOllivier1 du rang 3 à Légende oui, sinon j'ai surtout joué War Pirate
RT @leyawn: Here's What It Would Look Like If Disney Princesses Were Tried For War Crimes In The Nuremberg Trials
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