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RT @qz: Trump’s absurd war on truth is forcing the media to act like real journalists again
Cmon man I couldn't make it to your wedding because I was in the war. Just chill is all good homie @adelayedteacher
RT @SunshineJarboly: *space aliens fly to earth during world war 2* they're fighting right now, let's come back later
RT @mailandguardian: There's a war between Pravin Gordhan and Tom Moyane - we'll tell you about 16 letters in which Moyane asks JZ to in…
RT @rebleber: Matter-of-fact instructions sent to Pruitt in 2014 for a panel at George Mason: "please assume that there is a war…
RT @AndrewCMcCarthy: BTW, on 'jihad is our way': Reliance of Traveller (sharia manual endorsed by MB think-tank IIIT) defines jihad: 'to…
If somehow WE could end WAR and DISEASE,.. the worlds economy would collapse.
RT @GeorgeTakei: The Trump administration's war on the LGBT community has begun. Be prepared to take our fight to the streets. Are you with us, LGBT allies?
#Duterte states #Obama is a 'son of a whore' after Obama interferes on his war on drugs
March 8 at 6 pm at the @americanacad: Ethics and the Global War on Terror
Silence ~will~ fall. Especially when good men go to war. @ZeddRebel
RT @jdakwar: #OcetiSakowin protest camp at #StandingRock looks like a war zone as heavily militarized police force are raiding i…
RT @unhaunting: im so ruthlessly commited to Dialectics that i am constantly at war with the person i was two days ago, who is a clown and a coward
RT @aryaaslan3: #TıbbiSekrtere4BinKadro en yuksek puanlari alan bolum olarak sifir atamamiz war lutfen gorun bunalri @DrRecepAkdag @RT_Erdogan @drtahiroglu
@leighdevaney unarmed prisoner of war. He even shouted 'I've just broke the Geneva convention '
RT @NationalDefense: #SecDef Jim Mattis declares war on bureaucratic bloat. DoD has been put on notice:
RT @Qorianka: WAR in AMERICA!!! - LIVE STREAM Militarized Police ,guns drawn in armored vehicles attacking & arresting US Citizen
@WAR_nuut0138 @yujinee0104 저도 이만 자봐야겠어요ㅋㅋㅋ진짜 광대가 안내려와!!!ㅜㅜㅜ다들 넘 즐거웠구 아침에 만나용😆💕💕
White male anger on full display at #CPAC. #SteveBannon declares war on "globalist" media. White nationalism indistinguishable from #GOP
@boyinterruptedd Whoa, das ist mir nie untergekommen. Wann war das in?
RT @thefirstcondor: There is little doubt that a war with Islam is unavoidable.... the battle is being hidden in the west, but it's going on. #religionkills