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RT @HistoryExtra: Edmund Campion was one of about 130 priests executed for religious treason during the reign of #ElizabethI……
RT @PrisonPlanet: Fat third wave feminists are literally at war with reality. Yes, they're smashing up weighing scales.
RT @lionheartx10: Win the Serpent God Edition of @totalwar Warhammer 2! Enter Here: Big thanks to @SEGA_Europe for providing the Prize
RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: To recap: A guy who publicly called a grieving pregnant war widow a liar wants to tell NFL players how to properly respect our troops.
RT @USAAssociation: .@POTUS awarded the Medal of Honor to retired Army medic who risked his life to provide care during the Vietnam War
RT @TrumpsBlonde: CBS NEWS: President Trump awards #MedalofHonor to retired Army Capt. Gary M. Rose, medic during Vietnam War
RT @TayWest: nah mulan went to war to replace and protect her father & at the same time to restore honor in her family & save ch…
RT @Ian56789: Insane! US ratchets up the War Hysteria with B-52 nuclear bombers
According to @mchorowitz, "the time gap since a regime change or a major war in which a sate lost" is a metric for 1/x
RT @ycmizrahi: Co-authored piece on what we can learn from the decision-making failures of 1973 Yom Kippur/October War @BrookingsFP
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube] 🇧🇷 Middle Earth - Shadow of War #8
@x0xvaleriex0x Same he’s pretty cool but I just don’t like how him & Iron man fought in civil war
@debi_austin @mbaliaretha @Alana_47 @PrincessBravato @GMA @GStephanopoulos If Trump was such a hater, then why is h…
RT @TeaPainUSA: Trump loyalists attack Bob Mueller's integrity, who was a decorated Vietnam War veteran, while they idolize Trump, a 4 time draft-dodger.
RT @JILL28281: In #Vietnam. #SouthKorea is a brutal war criminal nation. #whitehouse #trump #elementaryschool #juniorhighsc
RT @cristinalaila1: FLASHBACK to Bergdahl's father saying the Islamic victory war cry in Arabic at the White House as Hussein Obama SMI…
My bum is small I can’t even participate in this tl war smh
RT @YahooNews: President Trump presented the Medal of Honor to retired Army Capt. Gary Rose, who saved 60 lives in the Vietnam War…
@realDonaldTrump Funny, a must Read.
RT @Thesupercole: God says, "above ALL ELSE, guard your heart" Divorce, hatred, envy, drama, gossip, racism, war Guard your heart people. The world needs it
North Korea ‘darker era coming’ as White House hints at FINAL STAND against Kim
RT @badwebsites: Himmler was a queen! Practically on his tippy toes while he committed war crimes. Gays thought they were safe but *…
Quick Question: So where’s the war on opioids???
This List Shows Every Republican Who Has Called Out Trump For Attacking A War Widow On Twitter This Morning …