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VIEW price of UR and special offer!!!Product Description : UR ReviewSince his first novel was published in 1974, Stephen King has stretched the boundaries of the storyteller as a writer who constantly redefines his readers' experience by working in various genres and formats . Whether in an epic horror novel, like THE STAND, a serial-novel like THE GREEN MILE, or a novella like SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, King is able to deliver a reading experience like no one else can. As quickly as a spider spins its web, King reminds us why he's the master of the novella - a format which, up until now that is, one might have thought is fast disappearing. FIRST TIME ON AUDIO...An Unabridged Novella Unavailable In Any Collection! Tapping into our primal fears of modern technology that made Cell a #1 bestseller, S [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

@theMMcast BW tokens, UR spells, GW go wide, UB/RB reanimator, GR Eldrazi, WU control
RT @Hoetus: If ur dating a boy who's not nice to u please just date me instead im way better n cooler
RT @Baloobogero: No light in ur house over a week? And we live in same Estate where there is light even as I am writing dis? Fear God
三度寝してしまった 14時間寝てしまった
RT @sassytbh: when ur friends are tryin to hang out on one of your down days
RT @AlrightHey: when it's 5:30 on a Monday arvo and ur already fkn sick of everyone's shit
@ftminseoks wow twitter really did you dirty it took me a whole month ah but as long as ur happy I guess it doesn't matter
RT @InternetHippo: when u make a national joke out of urself defending ur idiot boss but it’s still not good enough for him
RT @DestroyingCIips: Do you text or glance at ur screen while driving? Let this be an eye opener.
RT @RomeshNadir: @ndtv Shame, ur channel calling d protest stage managed as peaceful. Are d petrol bombs hurled, setting fire to veh…
RT @WSHHVlDEOS: When trump says he gon build a wall but u got a trick up ur sleeve
@AndyRayYT @ElleVeda @KakariGeikoGirl @LLarsmann @SherriShettoe I don't consider terminating non viable fetuses murder, that's ur belief
RT @iamsrk: There is no greater sukoon/shanti/ peace than when ur baby sleeps in ur arms.
RT @forging: if ur girl doesn't drive u crazy u have the wrong one
Wouldn't it make more scence to have a dislike button so u can actually press dislike because ur not happy somebody dies?World is backwards
RT @ree_SDBH: オリパの購入はDMにて受け付けております!! SR.CP提供してくれる方もDMよろしくお願いします! UR.などの買取もおこなっております!よろしくお願いします 配列表もございます! RTの中から無料で配列表を2名の方にプレゼン…
من كان آخر كلامه لا إله إلا الله دخل الجنة
RT @tchengak: Day#7 in Jail. Our people shall resist ur forced rule & occupatn to d end. #FreetheConsortium #BringBackOurInternet #Protestify #FreeAyah
do u ever lay in bed and get really sad about ur favorite person bc they're not in the bed with u
RT @sixofcrows: if ur feminism doesnt include woc, trans women, poor women, women working as sex workers, muslim women, and queer women, its not feminism
RT @awkwardposts: when ur already sad and you start playing sad music knowing it'll make you more sad but you decide it's worth it
a shredded babyistill cry i stil c hz face.stupid women u shld 4 banning it it shoulnt b anyones right . CLOSE UR FKN LEGS