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Whether it's storing the meat, frying it up, or washing down your overalls, stop in because we have it all!...
my thing I ever had or will have is down the fucking drain I give up
temperature up 35°F -> 40°F humidity down 100% -> 93% wind 3mph -> 9mph
@Stretch_15 no doubt once I touch down the whole crew gonna link up
Bundle up today folks, we've got some sort of snow-slush hybrid coming down on campus and it is definitely chilly!
RT @wsdot_traffic: Heads up if you're traveling down south today! #wawx
RT @addict: you dumb af if u would rather hook up with bitches on weekends than have one loyal ass female that'll hold u down
RT @TheArtidote: You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down. ― Toni Morrison #NoteToSelf Artwork by Alex Cherry
RT: wsdot_traffic Heads up if you're traveling down south today! #wawx
RT @AEC_English: look มอง look for มองหา look up หาข้อมูลเช่น หาเบอร์ หาความหมาย look up to ชื่นชม look out ระวัง look down ดูถูก look after ดูแล
RT @SupaKiddFlya: Stay Down Till U Kum Up Fuck What They Be Talkin Bout
RT @ChrisJohnsonTV: People up north are so much happier than down south, Everyone is just up for the sesh🍺
Stocked up at @meijer for our Pineapple upside down collaborative brew with @LakeCvxBrewing. Collaboration Day 2/11…
RT @tinatbh: Seniors don't rush your Senior year. You're gonna wake up one day in a cold dorm, hungry af and broke with 4 tests the next day. SLOW DOWN.
I can't even stand up because I get really dizzy and when I lie down I get really cold what's wrong with mee
Exhausting is okay. It means you're in the game. You're on the way up and you're not on the way down. - Lee Rosen
RT @wsdot_traffic: Heads up if you're traveling down south today! #wawx
RT @JamesMelville: The only time you should look down on someone is when you are helping them back up. #InternationalVolunteerDay
RT @GrandpaBats: He beats ya down and beats ya down and never lets up. #pokemon #guzma
RT @raywalker22: When life knocks you down but you don't wanna give up 😂😂
RT @Love_couturee: Y'all know that feeling in your stomach you get when you've really messed up and you really just wanna break down and cry. I'm just sick.