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whoever fucking my ex gotta step they game up cus this hoe be mad at the world 😂 like get sum pussy, smoke & calm the fuck down G.
same people you look up to be talking down on you
@acav12_TB I'm always down for food hit me up Anna
@evvok kenapa down. Cheer up!
temperature down 42°F -> 41°F humidity up 80% -> 99% wind 17mph -> 28mph
RT @KieronGNFFC: Going 2-0 up at anfield you should be flying down rows, but Swansea produce some of the deadest limbs. State of the…
Thanks for digging up the access to my drive @virginmedia and blocking it with barriers rather than putting yellow board down😠
RT @Love_Latrina: Holding a dude down while he tryna grow up and shit can be draining. Idc.
Ignore things that bring you down and focus on #God who will always lift you up..
I woke up early today to get myself conditioned to start work next week, but this headache got me ready to lay back down 🤕
RT @Daaeck: Good up and down on the basketball court today...trying to get my legs back
RT @stories_disney: 제임스 코든한테 닐 패트릭 해리스가 Filharmonic데리고 브로드웨이 넘버들로 싸움걸음ㅋㅋsit down you're rocking the boat-guys and dolls / everything's…
RT @BellaAaliyah: Sometimes God has to break you down to build you back up!
RT @akshaykumar: Standing up for what is right is not easy.But Jolly will not back down in front of the corrupt. #JollyLLB2NewTrailer
RT @markknoller: Pres Trump's signature. Turn upside down to see it rightside up.
RT @gqforbes4: MURDER COVER-UP! Here's why obama/Hiliary ordered #Benghazi stand-down order #dtmag @SenatorSessions @POTUS
Im a real migo fan been one I stayed down for the come up
mist -> clear sky temperature up 37°F -> 42°F humidity down 100% -> 98% wind 7mph -> 8mph
RT @ADTR_Tomm: I just saw a dog walk past a little girl and she started jumping up and down shouting "Pretty puppy!" She's gonna go far in life.
RT @XXXtenntacion: Never forget who stayed down & who switched up.
RT @HolyroodWomans: If you know what's'll know what's going down! #Clever girls fit and in shape fast #WomanOnly Boxing Fit…
RT @MarkEuromark: @UKLabour keep up the pressure on MPs to do the right thing and vote down Article 50. You know it makes sense.
RT @j_stephens_14: Military bases are taking down Obama portraits and putting up Trump memes #TRUMP #TrumpInauguration 'We Are Disside…
RT @HeidiStea: Monday thoughts: Thanks to the elevators for picking me up when I was down.