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@shellarciniega Front tooth gone got to be worth £5 from the tooth fairy.haha
Tooth Fairy Toothbrush Song For Kids.
When the tooth fairy brings you THIS!!! Such a lucky lady! #Fujifilm #Camera #Mirrorless
The biggest lie ever told is the one our parents mentioned "tooth fairy picks you're tooth from under you're pillow when you fall asleep"
Morning all. Look what the tooth Fairy left Breea x
RT @immachoe: Growing up with immigrant parents meant explaining what the tooth fairy was so you can get money
@montie @JuliaHB1 having religious beliefs is the equivalent of believing in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy in my book so Julia is spot on!
how much money would this dino make from the tooth fairy, fr those chompers are bigger than my head
@glossopluke You've not factored in the tooth fairy rates there though son.
RT @MandiAtRandom: Maybe they're hillbillies, Maybe they still believe in the tooth fairy You don't know
Didn't realise that diving was such an extreme sport. 1 of our Scouts lost a tooth. Hope the tooth fairy has scuba…
RT @sydney_farron: A classic fairy tale CUM TRUE! Watch @TSMayumiSays get pounded HARD by @IsaSorrentiXXX ! ->
Clever Kid Makes A Deal With The Tooth Fairy
RT @_BKsniper: Mad about losing her tooth because "the tooth fairy is broke"
According to @planetmoney the Tooth Fairy leaves an average of US$4.66 per tooth. The one who visits us is a real Scrooge.
@triggeredyett @Unknown_Johnson ive already let go years ago when i realized santa and the tooth fairy were not real
@Michael5SOS just comes online. Tweets some random shit and disappears out the window. He's the fucking tooth fairy man
RT @pgaxiolaa: My little sisters note to the tooth fairy lmao
@nospacebarOGC @NoodlesPls but if you can't prove he is then he isn't, just like santa, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy.
RT @Bri_nanners4: *In the middle of prayer* Ashlyn: " I know that santa is real but the tooth fairy is bullsnip"
@ericsshadow so basically he believes in the tooth fairy too? Oh wait, that's me. Sorry.
RT @pgaxiolaa: My little sisters note to the tooth fairy lmao
Reach real wealth: How to beat the tooth-fairy #pinpointfinance