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VIEW price of The X-Files: Pilot/Deep Throat [VHS] and special offer!!!Product Description : The X-Files: Pilot/Deep Throat [VHS] THE X-FILES Original Broadcast Date : 9/10/94 Written by Chris Carter Directed by Robert Mandel Agent Fox Mulder, a former FBI fast-tracker whose career has spiraled since his interest in the paranormal began, is teamed up with Agent Dana Scully a medical doctor whom the FBI hopes will debunk his theories. The pair is called into investigate a series of strange deaths involving high school classmates in a small Pacific Northwestern town. Special Agent Fox Mulder - David Duchovny Special Agent Dana Scully - Gillian Anderson Billy Miles - Zachary Ansley Smoking Man - William B. Davis Mr. Jay Nemman - Cliff DeYoung Theresa Nemman - Sarah Koskoff Detective Miles - Leon Russom Deep Throat Original Broadcast Date : 9/17 [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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