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@bottingkruger writer, illustrator, natural scientist, and conservationist best known for her artistic realism. Her notes on the (2/4)
RT @ManongHugot: Me: hindi ko siya iiyakan Inner me: *plays Coldplay's The Scientist*
RT @ColdplayAtlas: VIDEO: Coldplay performing “The Scientist” at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane @oxfamontour #AHFODtour #ColdplayBrisbane
The Scientist me viciou q nem crack viciou os Zé droginha
RT @BallingerMom: First I discovered that pickles are medicine AND NOW eggnog, too!!! I am basically the smartest scientist doctor ever. #yourewelcome
Tô escutando the Scientist e tô quase chorando essa musica é linda. Mt Amô por ela
RT @BRENTHOR: Who the fuck call laundry sauce 'detergent'? Ok mr scientist lmao
@runicshield who would be the weirdly deep scientist from the second one
RT @Danielaperaltaa: amo la cancion de The Scientist
RT @andilnx: Oh, you forgot the "brain surgeon" part. It's not like you're a rocket scientist.
RT @TradeBOC: #AkshayKumar plays a bird loving scientist in the #2point0 film. Hit RT if you are excited
RT @animalculum: Scientist’s paintings reveal the incredible beauty of the living cell. Via @NathanRoberts17
@toph_bbq @SsbmRacer this Yoshifumi Kadono scientist always interferes with my Google results and the similar abbreviations.
Scientist Discovered The Surprising Fact Behind People With Blue Eyes! Who Can Benefit Of It
RT @whitelabs: Sr. Research Scientist Karen was interviewed by @BeerAdvocate. Check it out: Cheers to all the women in STEM!
Coldplay - The Scientist
@GCapoDre nbs like howww didn't y'all search the house thoroughly? somebody lyin shit jus not adding up and it don't take a rocket scientist
RT @EcoWatch: Polar Sea Ice the Size of India Vanishes in Record Heat, Scientist Say @climatesavers @globalgreen