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VIEW price of The Scarlet Letter and special offer!!!Product Description : The Scarlet Letter ReviewAmazon Exclusive: Editorial Director Elda Rotor on Classics That Never Go Out of Style Dear Amazon Readers: Penguin Classics is pleased to publish three new Penguin Classics Deluxe editions of Wuthering Heights, The Scarlet Letter and Pride and Prejudice, with covers designed by world-renowned fashion illustrator Ruben Toledo. With Penguin's history of excellence in book design and following the success of our continued series of award-winning deluxe editions with covers by leading graphic and comic artists, we wanted to explore another inspiring world of design for Penguin Classics. Roseanne Serra, our art director for this series, which we call in-house the Couture Classics, had the vision of inviting fashion illustrators to cre [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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