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VIEW price of The New Yorker (2-year) and special offer!!!Product Description : The New Yorker (2-year) Review Who Reads The New Yorker? Readers of The New Yorker are curious about everything the world has to offer. When they become interested in a topic, they want to learn all about it. They are intellectual networkers, launching new ideas and shaping public opinion. And New Yorker readers are 'culture-preneurs" - the people who actively define the cultural scene. What You Can Expect in Each Issue: Talk of the Town: Short, witty takes on news and events in and around New York. Reporting and essays: Award-winning explorations and revelations of world affairs and national issues, and personal reflection. The Critics: Music, dance, theater, film, TV, and arts reviewed and illuminated. [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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