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RT @Independent: Trump just attacked several countries at the UN – but not the one that hacked the US election
RT @Independent: ‘We are not the bridesmaids’: Six wedding guests turn up wearing the same thing
RT @Lance63: The UN has just warned Trump not to 'sleepwalk into nuclear war' with North Korea
RT @MissMaga2016: @MAGAtrump5 Guess I was wrong predicting media would call Trump speech dark. The word is "terrifying" 😂😂😂😂😂
@jawshallen @scttrdshwrs How I feel ALL THE TIME!! That's like saying "Women are INDEPENDENT AND CAN TAKE CARE OF T…
RT @brianklaas: Yet another breakdown of basic political norms in the Trump era. Voting on a bill w/o knowing its effects & dispara…
I may put off a independent woman face, but I would really like someone new in my life who will bring the best out of me 💕
RT @noraborealis: i'm a strong, independent woman and the only thing i need validated is my parking and also everything about my entire life.
#DynaTimber is one of the largest independent distributor of timber products in #Australia providing softwood timbe…
RT @LizCrokin: This is typical, blame the victim -who is a child! - not the pedo! This kind of crap happens ALL the time! 🍕
RT @cahallk: Thanks Ledger Independent for the great action shots from last nights game. #gtownway
RT @discolando: DEEP. SPACE. NINE.
RT @Lance63: The UN has just warned Trump not to 'sleepwalk into nuclear war' with North Korea
@razzvcu @NARAL @EdWGillespie Every independent analysis of Graham-Cassidy shows that supporting the plan would hurt far more than help.
RT @jk_rowling: I am a strong, independent woman. Also, thanks very much to my husband for dealing with this so I could go through…
RT @BritainStays: "Some Tories.. calling for a hard Brexit, actually want the negotiations to fail" #brexitwontwork
RT @NewsjustForYou: Victory for sugary drinks industry as US court blocks #health warnings on adverts - The…
RT @DonnaWR8: "Begin with the wisdom... Our SUCCESS depends on a coalition of STRONG & INDEPENDENT Nations." -@POTUS #MAGA #UN
RT @Hephaestus7: My sister is expecting to lose her job because of her disability, but it's not like she can turn to the DWP for help
Being financially independent is the goal. Loans, liens, credits paid off! I'm working towards a goal. What are you working towards?
RT @Lance63: The UN has just warned Trump not to 'sleepwalk into nuclear war' with North Korea
RT @Bolt_451: That @Independent article on Star Trek Discovery. "How Sonequa Martin-Green became the first black lead of Star Tre…
Islam Slimani strike seals Leicester win as Liverpool crash out of Carabao Cup - The Guardian (Nigeria
@jannycat @GRASPI4 @suzallii @TheMehOffice @angelayia @LynxLair1960 @dngrbrn @pensionmonkey @BeanieandJ…
Part of your heritage in this society is the opportunity to become financially independent. #FinancialIndependence - Jim Rohn