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VIEW price of Strings Attached and special offer!!!Product Description : Strings Attached ReviewBook DescriptionCloseted teenager Jeremy is sent to live with wealthy relatives after his mother enters rehab. Struggling to fit into the posh world of Ballena Beach, Jeremy joins the high school swim team, dates a popular girl, and begins to think he may have landed in paradiseuntil his great aunt Katharine starts to dictate his every move and a late-night phone call insinuates that his fathers accidental death was not so accidental after all. As Jeremy grows accustomed to the veneer of a fabulous life, so grows his need for answersas well as the danger of immeasurable harm. Weaving together a murder mystery, sexual ambiguity, and characters with hidden identities and agendas , Nick Nolan offers readers a deliciously witt [Read More...] >> [Click to see price]

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