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En Ondes : Stardust D par Nat King Cole
While I was at Anime NYC, I found out that I was one of the POC cosplayers featured on this list (#63)! Thank...
@sukebepanda Why are American houses so huge, are they all made of cardboard or something?
Dagegen sind 1980er New Waver die Speerspitze der Männlichkeit... und Ziggy Stardust arbeitet in diesen Universum a…
@allnewtpir I’ve noticed. She’s the most self-righteous character outside of Sonny.
Vou comprar stardust tbm, meu bebezinho
@5SOS Ok but if this ain't me
@Zaggy_Stardust Has her bitchiness been there forever and we never noticed?
カラスうるせぇ…… 田舎あるある
RT @5SOS: Honestly when are 5sos going to release their album
@gumleet @DefiledNL just told me about you, also checked out some of your art, it's so cute! Thanks for the follow :)
“You saved my life, but you are not Jason.” OK, you can die then, Robin. #GH
RT @julybby_: my stepmom owns & operates a funnel cake food truck in Jacksonville, FL. one retweet could get her her next custome…
RT @sugitaLOV: しずえー!おれだー!!
RT @nakamuraFF11: しずえー!おれだーー!!
i think stardust crusaders may be my favorite jjba part like i love diamond is unbreakable but :///
RT @nomvrcy: warped tour 2018 but it’s just frank iero standing on stage and reading his tweets
RT @5SOS: oops wrong account
@Stardust_Fawn ey gurl ;)
@jenniab91 @Zaggy_Stardust All Robin did is Tell Drew the truth! About time he heard from someone!!
@Zaggy_Stardust Oh, so she was like everyone else? Suddenly he's irrelevant.
@spacedoutsam @Effin_Stardust @WipeHomophobia Please never breed.