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@Beverly_Dee has got me hooked up to her cover on Bol Do Na Zara. That song was in my head the entire time in tuitions.
Ae dil hai mushkil. That song. Also the 90s kid in me has popped up her head in hope. "Fromthe makers of kkhh" #ADHMTeaser #ADHM
@MismatchEyes Before Long the Cajun was humming along with the Fleetwood Mac song that played in her head, cleaning up Cordelia's --
"It's Friday night" #CheapThrills #Sia song in my head. LOVE HER! But I'm not about to do my hair or put my make up on. I'm to sleep. :l
can always count on my mom to sing a song with lyrics that she made up in her head
I've never heard of @thatgirlbishop before last night and I wake up with her song stuck in my head, she's insanely good
on FaceTime with @angelinagatto10 , and I got the song " hold up " by Beyoncé stuck in her head 😊 mission accomplished 😛
@nottjmiller @rosepetalpistol. Great show last night and yes my wife woke up this morning with an 80s song stuck in her head.
@RennieBoy_ she began to water the plants and take care of them. Humming a song she had just made up in her head getting the birds to 🌸
so Louise just pulled over on the highway to look up a song she had stuck in her head but couldn't remember the name of out of frustration
I got cute girl to end up with a JBiebs song stuck in her head hehhhehhhghg
gracie getting turnt to this song and then ends up kicking her sister in the head nice
She's singing the song thinking this is the life and she wakes up in the morning and her head…
Woke up with the song Hannah Montana sang about her dead horse stuck in my head
Woke up to this song in my head.Fitting since her tickets go on sale today Adele - Rolling in the Deep via @YouTube
I don't even like Adele.. But why do I keep waking up with her song stuck in my head
Rosie just sang a made up song to her cat and now it's stuck in my head 🆘
@little_kindra I got the song stuck in her head so we ended up watching the movie 😂