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Dont you ever think about that i'm having someone else by my side. There's no one else i allow to stay since you went away
RT @iwananoo: So sad but true . For me there's only you , been crying since the day , the day you went away 🎶
"6 months since I went away, and to know everything has changed, but tomorrow I'll be coming back to you." ~Close As Strangers; 5SOS @5SOS
RT @AmellFk_: So lost ever since you went away. -Jordi
So lost ever since you went away. -Jordi
R.I.P Daddy 6th May 2016 since you went away I feel so incomplete and so lost without you You was my world my eve…
RT @iwananoo: So sad but true . For me there's only you , been crying since the day , the day you went away 🎶
2 months have passed since you went away. We all miss you x
It's been 6months, 8days, 12hours since you went away 🎵
Headed back to church next sunday. Ive bern away too long. Its been 7 months since the last time I went. I missed you. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
@StephanieWei damn I thought since you tweeted like regular meant the pain went away. Hope it turns out ok
Since you went away, the days grow long. And soon I hear old winter songs. But I miss you most of all, when autumn leaves start to fall
@ross_rlz oh forgot since you went away.. voice was annoying for me. too nasaly
@MrJakeGittes I love her in Midnight. Yup, 1934. And ...Since You went away, too. But she annoys me too sometimes.
#Role: Jane Deborah Hilton #Movie: Since You Went Away (1944) #Actress: Jennifer Jones #Oscars #JenniferJones
Since you went away I don't really feel like talking
ESPN running with the 'Since You've Been Gone' if any of us went away.
Eyes can't shine unless there's something burning bright behind (since you went away there's nothing left in mine)
@Waltc67 @ShadowsOfLife0 @elson_rob After I went away to school apparently, since you were there with a girl who wasn't me. 😉
My heart is breaking since you went away
Since you went away The days grow long And soon I'll hear Old winter's song Chet Baker/Paul Desmond – Autumn Leaves
Not quite a year since she went away Now she's gone and I have to say Meet you all the way
you just laughed when I begged you to stay I've not stopped crying since you went away
since you went away nothing's the same no more