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Dont you ever think about that i'm having someone else by my side. There's no one else i allow to stay since you went away
RT @iwananoo: So sad but true . For me there's only you , been crying since the day , the day you went away 🎶
"6 months since I went away, and to know everything has changed, but tomorrow I'll be coming back to you." ~Close As Strangers; 5SOS @5SOS
RT @AmellFk_: So lost ever since you went away. -Jordi
So lost ever since you went away. -Jordi
R.I.P Daddy 6th May 2016 since you went away I feel so incomplete and so lost without you You was my world my eve…
RT @iwananoo: So sad but true . For me there's only you , been crying since the day , the day you went away 🎶
It's been 6months, 8days, 12hours since you went away 🎵
Headed back to church next sunday. Ive bern away too long. Its been 7 months since the last time I went. I missed you. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
@StephanieWei damn I thought since you tweeted like regular meant the pain went away. Hope it turns out ok
Since you went away, the days grow long. And soon I hear old winter songs. But I miss you most of all, when autumn leaves start to fall
@ross_rlz oh forgot since you went away.. voice was annoying for me. too nasaly
@MrJakeGittes I love her in Midnight. Yup, 1934. And ...Since You went away, too. But she annoys me too sometimes.
#Role: Jane Deborah Hilton #Movie: Since You Went Away (1944) #Actress: Jennifer Jones #Oscars #JenniferJones
Since you went away I don't really feel like talking
Eyes can't shine unless there's something burning bright behind (since you went away there's nothing left in mine)
@Waltc67 @ShadowsOfLife0 @elson_rob After I went away to school apparently, since you were there with a girl who wasn't me. 😉
My heart is breaking since you went away
Since you went away The days grow long And soon I'll hear Old winter's song Chet Baker/Paul Desmond – Autumn Leaves
Not quite a year since she went away Now she's gone and I have to say Meet you all the way
you just laughed when I begged you to stay I've not stopped crying since you went away
since you went away nothing's the same no more
Since you went away :))
@tacobell can you please bring back the triple double crunch wrap my pregnant wife has been craving one every night since they went away