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Structures are starting to take shape at @Canstruction YYC. On display until March 30 @southcentremall #feedYYC
@ConorMaynard by the way LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the sing off you did with @TheVampsband with Shape Of You *-*
@Jerry_Snodgrass You should put the stars in the shape of the Big Dipper and see if anybody notices. Just a suggestion. :)
RT @KraksTV: Shape of you ft. Obama Una get time oh 😂 (Via- maestroziikos)
@WunmiWonka Lool. I'm undecided about my second favorite. But its definitely not Shape of You
RT @maxplanckpress: Happy birthday, #EmmyNoether, born #OTD 1882! 'Creative mathematical genius', who helped shape modern #physics:…
A new favorite: Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (Miss Ghyss Remix) by @djmissghyss on #SoundCloud
RT @FAIreland: Martin O'Neill: Aiden (McGeady) is in great form at the moment. Because of the games he's getting he looks in great shape. It's good for us.
El taxista viene cantando Shape of you 😂
As we shape the narrative of #TimothyCaughman murder, I hope we remember race crimes do not exist in social vacuums…
RT @ShayWoodland: I wonder what it would be like to go to college and not work. I'd probably be really well rested and in shape..😭😴
RT @huzaili_Liiee: i'm in love with the shape of you〰🎶😍 @bujibu_chempel
@BleacherReport 1.4 kilos is in no way shape or form worth $85 mil, 1 kilo is around $25k
RT @medhyristagno57: Ed sheeran -shape of you
RT @NWSMoreheadCity: The latest Drought Monitor shows eastern NC in good shape drought-wise, but severe to extreme drought continues in…
@EthicsGradient1 @SLATFascists The shape of the Snapchat logo.
RT @Hoetus: yAh i WaKe Up LATe yaH iM oUt oF sHaPE yAH iM EATinG crEpES 💕
OPTAVIA Essentials Review / Take Shape For Life: via @YouTube
@FatimaCerros 'Shape of you' me despertó un poquitín de interés pero ya se esfumó xD será su voz que no me transmite nada 😐
I hate when people ask me why I don't do my eyebrows. damn I like the shape of my eyebrows. Let me liveeeeee
RT @dschenkelman: Looking for a Dir of Core Infrastructure to join the @auth0 team. Big chance to shape our future:! RT appreciated
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