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I desperately need to get back into shape 😕
mum just said my nose is changing shape. not in a good way welp...
RT @manwhohasitall: Wife online? Kids in bed? Time to relax with a glossy magazine to learn why the shape of your body is wrong & how to disguise it. 'Me time'
RT @kingswordtweet: Ride on the WordWave to a higher place in God. Get back in shape as we learn about prayer tomorrow. Prayer births God's purpose for us. 9a.m
RT @MarriageGoaIs: The world is in such a bad shape that Black Eyed Peas made another "Where's The Love?"
Brotaria um se tivesse saco pra shape masculino.
Calibrando shape pra desfilar 😂
RT @ElisRichards99: @ypysgodyn best shape in the changing rooms by a mile
Holiday season is quickly approaching! Detox now to make sure your body is ready for the busy season to come!
Time to get my body in tip top shape So let me start with my mind set first Get focused Get going Get lost in this fantasy called life
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RT @Lisa_Glover: Four years later and you're still kicking my butt @AdamRosante 🙌🏻 @JessDForeman #frombarretobar @Shape_Magazine
RT @AthIetesForGod: The things we think about, focus on, and surround ourselves with will shape who we become.
Okay Black Men... Say this with me.... "We will not bring back the perm.... In no way , shape, or fashion".......
RT @TransfersCalcio: Montella's Milan is Taking Shape Nicely as the Rossoneri are only 2 points behind Juventus
RT @WhoresofYore: "The Virgin Shape Warehouse" (1799) by Charles Ansell
Connect with others in the Healthcare sector and learn how you can shape the future of the industry at #MMTM16
RT How Exercise Helped Me Beat My Addiction to Heroin and #Opioids via Shape_Magazine
RT @HCAFCawaydays: I'm afraid to say that Phelan is 100% to blame for today's result. Totally wrong starting line up & everybody knew it! Shape up or fuck off!
Fogo Island's 'beautiful images' shape new film shot on island: The writer and director of a new film shot in...
RT @TransfersCalcio: Montella's Milan is Taking Shape Nicely as the Rossoneri are only 2 points behind Juventus
RT @pufffdaddy: Me af. I know I'm in bad shape too even though I'm skinny
Na wao nomzama be turning every time. Girl we know u have shape #MTVMAMA2016
#Healthy #Nutrition How To Lose Weight And Get In Shape At Home